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André Gorz: private cars are like private beaches - UnevenEarth [via @Urban_Turbo]
some comments on the Gilligan report on cycling in Oxford - OxfordBlog
yes, Norway is expensive - OxfordBlog
Arabic was an official language in Israel for over 70 years - 972mag
a visualisation of Amsterdam's new restrictions on motor traffic - @kentslundberg
what Britons will be losing with EU Freedom of Movement: an ABC - @eberlmat
charting street orientations in 25 world cities - GeoffBoeing
Nevis: an offshore financial haven - Guardian
Ethiopia and Eritrea restore diplomatic ties after twenty years - CBC
designing cities for children - Arup
after the British and the Irish, the Dutch are going to be worst hit by Brexit - Rabobank
"a hard Brexit would cost the UK 18% of GDP growth until 2030 ... £11,500 per British worker"
cycle-touring with children - Guardian
Finland loves its libraries - Guardian
Holland (the Randstad) is an empty city, not a dense country - @jaapmodder
Living Below Sea Level - The Dutch and their Delta [my review]
what is the longest straight line over water? - ScienceMag
200 times thinner than a human hair: the last master of handmade gold leaf - Craftsmanship
getting cars out of city centres - Medium
the other side of Hong Kong: poverty in old age - Guardian
Barcelona creates "superblocks" to get human-friendly streets - Vox
Barcelona has the most densely populated 1km square in Europe - Guardian
"point and call" safety on Japan's railways - AtlasObscura
A Language Spotter's Guide to Europe - Lingo [my review]
cities for children: Tirana, Rotterdam, Bogota, Lexington, Vancouver - Guardian
"walk south on Cornmarket St towards Queen St" - Google Maps
Finland - Guardian
the Sydney Opera House car park is architecturally as interesting as the opera house itself - ABC [via @jmfarrow]
Cape Town (population four million) is going to run out of water in April - NYT
is Cape Coral the world's least environmentally sustainable city? - Politico
the Netherlands moves towards a single app for dockless bikes - BikeBiz
crewless electric barges coming for Dutch and Belgian goods transport - Guardian
the steady progress of Paris' liberation from motor vehicles - CityLab
ambitious proposals for reconfiguring central Oxford transport - OCC
typical rural cycling in the UK: a choice between mud and 70mph traffic - @AsEasyAsRiding
the politics of funding the Metropolitan Line extension - LondonReconnections
"London agreed to fund a transport project, with no cost ceiling, that primarily benefitted a Conservative marginal seat outside of the capital."
how the packaged sandwich took over Britain - Guardian
the Japanese are starting to renovate instead of knock-down old houses - Guardian
a week in Brittany + Normandy - Saint Malo + Bayeux
An Introduction to Language and Linguistics - How Languages Work [my review]
Sydney tops world's worst cities for cycling - WeLoveCycling
the Houses of Parliament are falling down - Guardian
the 11 nations of the United States - BusinessInsider [via @phaseit]
a brief history of free movement in Europe - MigrationPolicy
Amsterdam first impressions (mostly about transport) - OxfordBlog
Leiden's Panji tales collection makes it onto the UNESCO Memory of the World Register - UniLeiden
what no one told me about the Netherlands - RobertWeetman
"In Amsterdam I could hear my children talking to me."
a firefighting perspective on the California fires - NYT
if you want German reliability with trains, go to Switzerland - DW
Amsterdam has pretty much no public toilets - BBC
data nerd finds closest English houses with the same number and street name - PaulPlowman
modernist Yugoslavian war memorials: Tjentiste and other spomeniks - @RespectableLaw
Arts and Society in Flanders and the Netherlands - The Low Countries Yearbook 2014 [my review]
Florida is not prepared for a hurricane - WP
how one city in Spain got rid of its cars - Citiscope
flooding kills hundreds, leaves millions homeless - Guardian
a vintage VW campervan to the Peak District - Oxford Blog
Germany's north-south divide - Economist
a short Chilterns walk: Studley Green to Piddington return - OxfordBlog
how the apple conquered the world - ScienceMag
little girls racing big horses in Mongolia - AlJazeera
get transport planning out of the grip of the car - Guardian
British tourists think stealing from hotels is acceptable - Guardian
Khaltmaa Battulga's journey from ger (not yurt!) to presidency - Politico
the real Lake District heritage has been socially as well as environmentally repressed - ABitOfClass
the dangerous sand flats of Essex's Broomway - BBC
a history of the Uffington White Horse - Smithsonian
Sadiq Khan has abandoned any real attempt to improve London cycling - Guardian
committing illegal acts of infrastructure - KALW
short stories by Korean women - The Future of Silence + Wayfarer [my review]
London is slowly getting proper bike infrastructure - SubversiveSuburbanite
a history of Santorini's fantastic Atlantis Books - VanityFair
a Coombe Hill walk - OxfordBlog
Japan has a word for "death from overwork" - BBC
The Ancient Art of Landfinding in the Pacific - We, the Navigators [my review]
Britain's worst cycle lanes - Anorak
some of London's cycling "Quietways" are not fit for purpose - AsEasyAsRiding
the UK is not actually that rich a country - Huffington
the problems of excessive parking, around the world - Economist
the deep ocean trenches are loaded with pollutants - Economist
five days in Bali - WanderingDanny
Australia's heatwave - I'll take Oxford's 4 degree days anytime! - Guardian
fascinating sounding film about a Mongolian eagle huntress - Guardian
the Putin generation seeks security and stability - NationalGeographic [via Cosma]
a map showing the most common word in each country's Wikipedia article - Imgur
What can the world learn from educational change in Finland? - Finnish Lessons 2.0 [my review]
how the Dutch do sustainable safety - AsEasyAsRiding
teaching Ugandan primary school children how to detect bullshit health claims - Vox
Kaifeng: being Jewish and Chinese - NYT
MAD legacy: the pyramid in remote North Dakota - Fusion [vis Cosma]
a writeup of our August trip to the Lake District - OxfordBlog
Australian animals are no more dangerous than British cows - OxfordBlog
a nice overview of Dutch cycling for outsiders - ModaCityLife [via @harryrutter]
Russia's Arctic obsession: Tiksi and the Northern Sea Route - FT
bicycle loophole gets asylum seekers from Russia into Norway - BBC
a setback for Australia's attempts to bully East Timor over oil - Monthly
photos of cycling, worldwide - SteveMCurry
a Zambezi puzzle: do Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia meet in two tripoints or one quadripoint? - FutilityCloset [via @divbyzero]
a nice graphical presentation of worldwide shipping routes - ShipMap
a lovely walk in the Chilterns: Pulpit Hill and Ninn Wood - OxfordBlog
Norway is thinking of giving Finland a mountain - Guardian
photographs of East Oxford fish-and-chip shop customers - Guardian
the UK can always find money for road-building... - Twitter
the challenges of fire management in US forests - Economist
is Paris ready for a really big flood? - Guardian
cleaning up the Ganges will be a massive undertaking - BBC
an infographic of the world's languages, showing numbers of speakers - SCMP
migrant labour: a Bangladeshi poet in Singapore - Economist
some background on Oxford's airport - OxfordToday
working in Switzerland compared to working in the United States - Vox
high resolution modelling of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation - RealClimate
how to identify common languages that use Latin alphabets - TheWeek [via @divbyzero]
Hamburg got a container port, but is it sustainable? - Guardian
a nice overview of the challenges posed by global warming - Climate Shock [chapter 1 PDF]
how Jane Jacobs saved New York from Robert Moses - Guardian
car, bus and truck drivers kill a person a week in London - VisonZeroLondon
Lyme disease sounds like one of the nastier common diseases going around - Conversation
how Copenhagen reshaped itself for cycling - IrishTimes
"For each project a simple litmus test was applied: would you be happy letting your child cycle there?"
the UK has a church problem - Apollo
"16,000 committees, 16,000 separate systems of fundraising and finance, 16,000 different approaches to maintenance and repair"
a comparison of tax-paying in Sweden and the United States - Vox
(I think property taxes are a good idea, though)
why is the Netherlands bucking the trend on obesity? - DW
better modelling of Antarctic ice-sheet contributions to sea-level rise - Nature
explaining how "global mean sea level has been 6–9 metres higher as recently as the Last Interglacial (130-115 thousand years ago)"
Danny Dorling on Restoring Oxford as the UK's Cycling Capital - YouTube
Sustainable Solutions for UK Cities - Urban Transport Without the Hot Air [my review]
selfish people insist on being able to rat-run through London parks - Guardian
the United States have been reorganised - xkcd
mass cycling doesn't mean everyone cycles, it means everyone has the option to - AsEasyAsRiding
the politics of language diversity in Bangladesh - OUP
reformist successes in Iranian elections - Guardian
Contested Histories and Contemporary Realities - Confucianism as a World Religion [my review]
sea-level change in millennia past and future - RealClimate
penal transport to Siberia is not what it used to be - SiberianTimes
Thai police raid bridge club - SMH
"The gathering violated a 1935 Playing Cards Act that prohibits the possession of more than 120 playing cards at any one time"
human-hyena friendships in Harar - Azimuth
"small change" - a stone currency up to 3.6 metres across and 4 tons in weight - Wikipedia
did monkeys raft across the Atlantic from Africa to South America? - BBC
it's a lot cheaper for Britons to become Australian than vice-versa - Economist
container ships are getting even bigger: US ports are scrambling to get ready for them - IBTimes
exploring South Korean culture and society - Korea: The Impossible Country [my review]
the Moscow-Archangel train as a gauge for Russian history - Economist
George Monbiot answers questions about rewilding Britain - HillWalking
are Britain's National Parks 'ecological disaster zones'?
between East Africa and South Asia - Medium
the Japanese are only just discovering real bread - JapanTimes
some lovely landscape photography from Iceland - BoredPanda
meta-review of literature on bicycling safety - ScienceDirect [via @AsEasyAsRiding]
"Wearing visible clothing or a helmet, or having more cycling experience did not reduce the risk of being involved in an accident."
a setback for active travel in Basel - BikeBiz
South Africans can't escape history - Guardian
"In the mid-1990s, the government's curriculum-redesign committees eliminated history as a standalone subject"
mapping Africa's ethnic and linguistic diversity - Harvard
against shared use walking-cycling routes - AsEasyAsRiding
Christopher Wren in Oxford: "a bit of a donkey aesthetically" - AlbionBeatnik
some unpleasant surprises from Greenland glacier ice dynamics - WP
improving palliative care in Mongolia - NPR
in the UK, cyclists are expected to cycle on 70mph dual carriageways, crossing two-lane entries with no protection - AsEasyAsRiding
mapping the most popular languages after English and Spanish, for each US state - Slate
German, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Navajo, Korean, but also Russian, Dakota, Hmong, Arabic, Portuguese and Polish
a history of Oxford college gardens - OxfordToday
a survey of the best UK (and UK-expat) cycling blogs - CyclingEmbassyUK
central banks should try to prick housing bubbles - AFR
the UK is replacing roundabouts with traffic lights; the US the opposite - Guardian
four different size rankings of Britain's cities - CityMetric
London Gateway: a six-berth container dockyard on the Thames estuary - Guardian
a family holiday in the Netherlands: cycling observations - Girodilento
fantastic creativity in Soviet era bus stops - Guardian
how Thor Heyerdahl's Kon Tiki expedition misled the world - Smithsonian
first map of global anti-neutrino activity shows reactors - CityLab
"antineutrinos from these human-made sources accounted for less than 1 percent of the total detected"
the Crown Princess of the Netherlands on her first school run - Twitter
how cycling infrastructure enables the elderly and disabled - Streets
Dublin's cycling infrastructure is a step in the right direction - CycleSprog
true safety for people on bicycles lies with design - @AsEasyAsRiding
Kazakhstan's Astana is one of the strangest capital cities - Guardian
nice map illustrates how unevenly the world's population is distributed - ScienceAlert
a Dutch perspective on just how crap London's cycling infrastructure is - muxblog
cycling and the law (in the UK) - BikeHub
ambitious plans to fix Seattle's transport problems - Grist
visualisation of numbers of language speakers, worldwide - SCMP
India's heatwave as a warning for the future - Guardian
a nice overview of how Dutch cycling infrastructure works - Pushbikes [via @DavidHembrow]
giraffes are not a cycling hazard in the UK, thankfully - Road
Dutch drivers are just as bad as British ones - AsEasyAsRiding
linguistic and genetic evidence for Australian baobab history - Conversation - PLOSONE
the UK Foreign Office has deficient Russian and Arabic skills - Independent
California faces the reality of water constraints - NYT
how Amsterdam was saved for cycling (and walking) - CyclingAcademics [via @ParadiseOxford]
fossil fuel firms still funding climate change denial - Guardian
nice introduction to the economic risks of climate change - PUP - first chapter [PDF]
the genetic diversity of the British peoples - Nature - Guardian
revealing font choices on Berlin's U-Bahn - Guardian
round-the-world cyclist reckons Sydney drivers are the most hostile - Guardian
glutinous rice mochi are not always harmless - Guardian
not the first mass killing in Pakistan, and it won't be the last - Dawn
racial tensions mount in a Rwandan girls' school - Our Lady of the Nile [my review]
comparing UK and Netherlands cycling - JournalTransportHealth
maps of the world's second languages - BusinessInsider
the choice for at least Indonesia seems wrong to me
China reducing coal consumption affects Mongolia as well as Australia - GlobalResearch
some myths about Ebola - Guardian
Afghanistan in the 1960s and 1970s - MessNessyChic
40,000 year old rock art found in Indonesia - Conversation
the UK doesn't do mixer taps - 9gag
European student exchange scheme may have produced a million babies - TheJournal
Danny Dorling on the London Problem - NewStatesman
is Arabic a single language? - OUP
"the longer people spend commuting in cars, the worse their psychological wellbeing" - BBC
charting some interesting Oxford statistics - gov.uk
the old women of Chernobyl's exclusion zone - Telegraph
some interesting thoughts on Switzerland - CT
vertigo-inducing views of Hong Kong - OnTheRoofs
some examples of British facadism - Guardian
photographs of Hong Kong in the 1950s and 1960s - Guardian
the Japanese city of Yubari accepts old age gracefully - Guardian
a superb anthology of short stories - Modern Korean Fiction [my review]
what annoys climate scientists the most - Guardian
compared to Europe, renters in Australia (or the UK) have no rights - Choice [via Robert]
the Dutch can count to three, why can't Australians (or Brits)? - BicyclePerth [via @DavidHembrow]
a personal response to the double-crested cormorant - YUP
an overview of transport issues in the United Kingdom - The Transport Debate [my review]
anti-human street and building design - @AsEasyAsRiding
Icelandic "land of giants" pylons unfortunately never built - ChoiShine
the Tehran international book fair sounds like fun! - Guardian
more Australian government stupid on climate change - Guardian
xkcd: "defending a claim by citing free speech is the ultimate concession: you're saying that the most compelling argument for it is that it's not illegal to express"
the Social Progress Index - SPImperative
defintely a better indicator of countries I'd like to live in than per capita GDP
Paris' abandoned railway - BBC
Iranian dowries are out of control - Guardian
British cities are terrible places to walk - Guardian
scaling up family planning in Ethiopia - Lancet [via @HansRosling]
Singapore is holding a dry water festival - StraitsTimes
in 1949, more distance in the UK was travelled by bike than by private car - CyclePath
Seoul is demolishing its expressways: 15 since 2002 - Guardian
the inventor of "Pakistan" - StrangeMaps
nice overview: Climate Change: Evidence and Causes - RoyalSociety [PDF]
a dark comedy of reputation in small-town Nigeria - Diaries of a Dead African [my review]
the tensions of San Francisco's gentrification - Guardian
Discovery Channel fabrications encourage wildlife massacres - Monbiot
African Union steps in to help flooded Thames Valley - DailyHawk
major eruption of Mr Kelud, 200,000 in East Java evacuated - AlJazeera
Risk, Uncertainty, and Economics for a Warming World - The Climate Casino [my review]
an overview of Antarctic ice changes - NASA
"Antarctica has been losing more than 100 cubic kilometers of ice per year since 2002"
reading the Herculaneum scrolls - BBC
why the Germans can't get enough of English markets - Poke [video]
a first-hand encounter with the Ugandan nostril tick - Guardian
tool use by crocodiles - SciAm
goats on a dam - ViralNova [via Jenny]
methane updates in context - RealClimate
carbon dioxide remains the real problem
Antarctic workers leave "skua piles" - Far
some of the walls that divide the world - Guardian
flooding in Riyadh! - RT
stop catastrophizing relief efforts in the Philippines - Time
Venice now covered by Google Street View - Guardian
East Germany reappears in a map of the 2013 German election results - StrangeMaps
correcting myths about strange Japanese sex - Independent
"a voyeuristic fascination with Japan's strangeness, spurred on by irresponsible journalism and sensationalised headlines"
commuting makes people, and cities, unhappy - Guardian
the true size of Africa - SupplySideLiberal [via Marginal]
the United States is divided between Emmaland and Sophialand - StrangeMaps
"two thirds of foreign visitors to Cornwall are from Germany, Austria or Switzerland" - Guardian
preemptive denial of forthcoming IPCC reports - Guardian - Monbiot
a guide to Dutch roundabouts - BicycleDutch
a week on Britain's canal network - NewStatesman
shared space intersection regenerates Poynton - YouTube [via CyclOx]
why is Venice such an attractive city? - Oxford Blog
UK forecasts for plane passenger numbers have been wildly wrong - Monbiot
nine English cathedrals and two parish churches charge entry fees - ThinkingAnglicans
some amazing external staircases - WorldGeography
breastfeeding in Mongolia - DrMomma
save the world, switch to eating insects - AFP [via @MarkLauer]
full-colour video of London in 1927 - LostAtEMinor
an illustration of the energy density of wet rice agriculture - PopeHat
a cross-cultural perspective on raising children - Guardian
the east-west divide in Berlin is still visible from space - Guardian
worldwide parenting approaches vary hugely - Slate
how to be German in 20 easy steps - VV
some different London Underground maps - BuzzFeed [via @AmandaWrigley]
the moped menace in the Netherlands - BicycleDutch [via @lizbatty]
Fieldnotes of a Tropical Biologist - Notebooks from New Guinea [my review]
tensions as Kenyan elections approach - Guardian
things have improved in Africa in the last decade - Economist
only Tokyo and Osaka now top Sydney and Melbourne for cost of living - Economist [via MB]
writeup of a trip from 2011 - a weekend in Bayeux
uncovering how a family of German tourists perished in Death Valley - OtherHand [via MeFi]
cycling stories from English cities - ThinkingCycling
another sport I'd never heard of: Kabaddi - BBC [via Jonathan]
we have an allotment! - Oxford Blog
pictures of Venice in flood - Guardian
one place that is not going to fare well with sea level rise
the power of bicycles in disaster - AtlanticCities
Better Block: urban renewal in Dallas - TED/Youtube [via ibikelondon]
Bloomberg Businessweek puts it bluntly: "IT'S GLOBAL WARMING, STUPID" - ThinkProgress
cycling in Münster - SUNYSB [via DavidMorrison]
massive hurricane striking the US north-east - WunderBlog
Masters: "a 50% chance that Sandy's storm surge will end up flooding a portion of the New York City subway system"
a family history: hunger in an Indian village - Bloomberg
Mongolian bone factories - AnthNews [via claird]
how airline baggage tags work - Slate [via claird]
there is no data for Oxford in the Great British Public Toilet Map - GBPTM
I wish I were a confident enough cyclist to attempt these trips - CycleRoutesOxford
a tale of two cites: East and West Berlin - ABC [via DL]
Berlin imagined - George Szirtes
helping run a Chicken Beauty Contest at the Binsey Fete - Wandering Danny
a week in Thailand - Wandering Danny
in Bavaria, a nine-year-old can do a 600 km cycle trip - AboutCycling
moving to Alice Springs - Inside
problems for shipping as the Mississippi runs low - NBC
our Olympic experience - Oxford Blog
there are 4 million speakers of Venetian in Brazil?! - Ethnologue
"although referred to as an Italian dialect, Venetian is in fact a separate language" - Wiki
shifting Tien Shan water run-off from summer to winter would not be good news for Central Asia - Nature
civil war tours of Barcelona - Guardian
a tour of Didcot A power station - Oxford Blog
the Karakoram Highway remains blocked - Guardian - my trip there in 1999
25 Celsius (77 F) is hot for Greenland - TP/Wunder
the writings of women and men who travelled together - Travels in Tandem [my review]
advice on cycling in the snow - NuttyCyclist
twenty beautiful bookshops, worldwide - Flavorwire [via @VivianYang]
twitter now censored in Thailand - Guardian
some people don't like summer - PsyBlog [via @KateCarruthers]
documenting Numbani, a language of Papua New Guinea - Far
Bangkok takes stock as the floodwaters recede - Guardian
an account of a brief visit to Seoul - WanderingDanny
twin-engined passenger jets will be allowed to fly across the North Pole - Independent
where children sleep, worldwide - MyModernMet
Iceland in recession - Guardian
"sales of condoms have fallen 25%, most probably because a packet of Durex costs twice as much as it used to"
Bangkok gets the attention, but Cambodia is flooding too - ABC [via CLP]
Mongolia wonders how to deal with its resource boom - Atlantic
Dubai doesn't have a proper sewage system - NPR [via BB]
"in a place like Dubai, you have a 24-hour-long line of trucks waiting to dispose of the waste from those buildings"
the Normans win the Battle of Hastings every year - EnglishHeritage
promotional video for Dutch cycling - Vimeo [via CyclOx]
going around the Netherlands on a bike sounds like it'd be good fun - Hembrow
the cycling infrastructure looks really nice
an article on Blue Mountains canyoning - NationalGeographic
a long weekend car touring Wales - Oxford Blog
visiting Charles Darwin's home - a Down House visit
Sydney now 7th most expensive city - SMH
outdone only by Tokyo and a few Swiss and Scandinavian cities
tips on picking a northern Thailand trek - TravelFish
a day trip from Oxford - Dorchester Abbey + the Wittenham Clumps
travelling with children - Guardian
the RSPB and its nature reserves - Independent
an update on my life in Oxford - Town, gown, or tourist?
amazing close-ups of sand grains - DailyMail [via Su]
campaign for 30km/hr residential speed limits Europe-wide - Road [via CyclOx]
my Oxford blog - between the bicycle and the electric car
a obituary for travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor - Guardian [via @phaseit]
a tale of two cooks in Cameroon - Far
some great Iceland photos - CreativeOverflow
brings back memories of my 2003 Iceland trip
crossing the Himalaya - sea level to Everest in 8 hours - PlanetEarth [via @MargieKinney]
photos of new species from Madagascar - Guardian
single-home levee - PopSci [via MR]
German and British differences in smalltalk and politness - BBC
review of Changing Planet, Changing Health - RealClimate
Attenborough warns about CGI - Independent
studying African elephants - Amboseli Trust for Elephants
the Irish are emigrating again - Blast
Istanbul has growing pains - Guardian
damming the Mekong - Guardian
the giant catfish may not be so important in itself, but the fisheries are vital in Cambodia and Vietnam
drought is destroying pastoralism in northern Kenya - Guardian
birdwatching tips - Princeton
earthquake updates - BBC
geothermal colours around Dallol volcano, Ethiopia - SwissEduc
cultural perceptions within Europe - StrangeMaps
a visit to Bath - my Oxford blog
there are a million Chinese working in Africa - Guardian
malaria parasites suffer jet lag - Scientist
the Swedish energy story - ClimateProgress
$150/tonne carbon taxes, 1/4 of energy from biomass, etc.
Egypt tries to disconnect from the Internet - HP
an East Africa safari - IntoAfrica
I've finished writing up my last big trip - Switzerland trip
history, food, archaeology, art theft, genocide, films - Cambodia [my review]
there's a single property in South Australia 20% bigger than Wales - Anna Creek Station
3D reconstruction of Pergmon - SecondPage [via MEllison]
conflicts over Mekong dams continue - ABC
some amazing geological photography - SmashingApps [via @MargieKinney]
the greening of Ascension Island - Economist
my Oxford blog - so far, I'm enjoying the cold winter
has Ta Prohm really been renamed "Angelina Jolie Temple"? - Guardian - Ta Prohm
photos from a trip last month - an Edinburgh visit
Beijing air pollution has become "crazy bad" - Guardian
insects are food - Guardian
Leon is visiting Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo - Rakugoleon
the UK has had fantastic autumn colours this year - Independent
a Gloucestershire trip - Uley Bury + the Jenner Museum
Javanese volcano Merapi erupts - SMH
a weekend trip to the Welsh border - Hay-on-Wye and Blaenavon
a daytrip from Oxford - Brill + Otmoor
there's wildlife in Singapore - Independent
Oxford and Sydney - comparative utility costs
I've finally finished my Mekong Delta + Angkor Wat travelogue - Vietnam/Cambodia 2009
GPS typo-squatting - Age
UK hotels sue TripAdvisor over bad reviews - Independent
it's getting harder for Australians to work in the UK - 1stContact
a trip last weekend - Uffington White Horse, Stonehenge, Avebury
do cars have hair? - a classic car show at Blenheim Palace
we christen our new car with a trip to the Cotswolds - Guiting Power walk
Iceland plans "human" pylons - Telegraph
a visit to a Chinese ghost town - WorldBank
I enjoyed the "Klee meets Picasso" exhibition in Bern - Zentrum Paul Klee
a brief blog writeup - picking berries in Oxford
a guide to London yum cha (dim sum) - WFG
Mongolia between the "white death" and the mining companies - Guardian
London adopts Paris' public bike hire scheme - Guardian
UK travel company goes bust, leaving thousands stuck - Guardian
a writeup, with photos, of my recent trip - Turkey travelogue
this may be a bit rough in places, corrections or feedback would be welcome
something to look out for in Berlin - Stolpersteine [via Marginal]
Oxford Blog update - exchange rates and relative prices
conflicts over the Nile's water - Guardian
I've written up the Phnom Penh part of my trip last year to - Vietnam and Cambodia
Turkish Reflections: The Biography of a Place [my review]
photos of the Hunza valley landslide/lake - Boston [via Chapati]
trains, ferries and cabs are doing a roaring trade - Times
I've walked past the Eyjafjallajokull icecap/volcano - my Iceland travelogue
Oxford as a cultural centre - Oxford Blog
Icelanders are starting to emigrate - Yahoo
"Last year saw the largest exodus from the country since 1887."
the Ordnance Survey opens up some of its mapping data - Independent
British Summer Time happened and no one warned us!
we found out because our computers stopped agreeing with our clocks
favourite spring days out in the UK - Times
the Mekong Delta leg of my trip last year - Vietnam/Cambodia
registering to vote in the UK helped me open a bank account - Oxford blog
Lake Chad declared wetland of significance under Ramsar Convention - WWF [via @MargaretKinney]
phylogenetics, bubbling mud, Mt Doom - a New Zealand North Island travelogue
I'm stuck in limbo waiting for my visa
the High Commission won't provide any information about the status of appeals/applications, so I've heard nothing since I got notification of its receipt on December 17th
the tree-climbing goats of Morocco - WebEcoist
Angel Falls: the world's tallest waterfall - TwistedSifter
pollution is destroying the Taj Mahal - Frontline
photos from the Scottish Highlands - SteveCarter [via @MargaretKinney]
I've started a blog about our relocation to Oxford - Oxford Blog

Links come from my blog, Pathologically Polymathic.

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