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Oxfordshire bookshops

Books + Ideas, Oxford — January 2011

Following my survey of Oxford bookshops, I'm starting a survey of bookshops outside Oxford but nearby.


Mostly Books (36 Stert St) is a small independent new bookshop with some interesting stock.
The Oxfam shop a few doors away (30-32 Stert St) has a few bookcases.
The Bookstore (15 Bury St) is pretty much best-sellers only.


Books and Ink (4 White Lion Walk)


The Red Lion bookshop (122 High St) is an independent new bookshop.
The Classics Bookshop (23 Sheep St) specialises in classical literature and history. It's open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, or by appointment.
The Bygones memorabilia store (29 High St) has a couple of bookcases of secondhand books, maybe 500 books altogether.

Chipping Norton

Kellow Books (21 High St) is a nice little secondhand/antiquarian shop, with a broad range of books.
Jaffe & Neale (1A Middle Row) is a small new bookshop, with a cafe.
And there's a proper Oxfam Bookshop (6 Market Place)


Toby English (10 St Mary's St) is a really nice secondhand shop, packed to just the right extent - one can still get around and get at the books. There's also a little general shop, the Wallingford Bookshop (10c St Martin's St), and a small Oxfam bookshop (54 St Mary's St)


Church Green Books (46 Market Square) specialises in bells and bell-ringing.
St Andrews Bookshop (31 High St) is a Christian bookshop.


The Woodstock Bookshop (23 Oxford St) is a small new bookshop with a really nice selection of (mostly) literature


The Garden Centre has a Works discount outlet with the usual popular range (lots of cookbooks) but very large discounts

The BookGuide survey is useful, though it only covers secondhand shops.


  1. I tend to look for cheap eateries or colourful markets. Bookshops? only if I had a specific title or subject in mind.

    Comment by DL — January 2011
  2. It isn't that I am a cheapskate, I get my books and DVDs from the library.

    Comment by DL — January 2011

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