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yes, Norway is expensive

Travel — August 2018

It seems to be everyone's first question about Norway. And yes, it is indeed expensive. more

English and Australian school governance

Books + Ideas — July 2017

It's interesting comparing the governance of schools in the UK and Australia (or, more precisely, in England and New South Wales). The headline figures are that only 7% of children in England attend private schools whereas more than 30% of children in Australia do so. But examination of the details makes the difference much less: many state schools in England seem closer to me to Australian private schools than to Australian state schools.

utility inefficiencies

Technology — February 2013

When I set up a landline with British Telecom, back when we started renting Catherine St in 2010, I enabled a number of features. A few days later I received five different pieces of post, each informing me that a particular feature had been enabled, along with separate pieces of mail informing me that my account had been set up and the landline activated. more

UK and Australian housing bubbles

Books + Ideas — September 2010

The Economist's global house price comparison suggests that UK residential property is 34% overpriced and Australian property 61% overpriced. more

comparative utility costs

Moving, Technology — September 2010

Utility costs are very different in Sydney and Oxford. Overall the UK is more expensive, even at current exchange rates. more

the Anglo-Saxon chain of being

Books + Ideas — August 2010

The British media really only cover Australia when there are major political events, disasters, or "man bites kangaroo" stories. more

Exchange rates and relative prices

Moving — July 2010

I've adjusted to thinking in pounds and not converting prices to Australian dollars, at least for daily life. more

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