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the Waltham Forest mini-Holland - lessons for Oxford?

Books + Ideas, Oxford — February 2018

On Saturday I went on a tour of the Waltham Forest "mini-Holland" project, organised by CyclOx and hosted by the WF branch of London Cycling Campaign (thanks Paul and Dan!). We caught a mini-bus into London, then used Urbo dockless hire bikes to do a 14km loop around the borough, looking at what they've done and are doing. more


Travel — August 2012

We ended up going to two Olympic events, the archery and the table-tennis. more

Hans Rosling and the John Snow Society

Books + Ideas — September 2011

Last week Camilla and I went into London with two of her colleagues, to listen to Hans Rosling deliver the 2011 Pumphandle talk of the John Snow Society, "Epidemiology for the Bottom Billion - where there is not even a pump handle to remove!". more

Wellcome Collection + The Habit of Art

Books + Ideas — July 2010

On Saturday our friends Val and Paul took us to see Alan Bennett's The Habit of Art, at the National Theatre in London. more

London: British Museum + Courtauld Gallery

Travel — April 2010

In my first trip outside Oxford since I arrived here eight weeks ago, I went into London on Thursday with my sister Jenny. more

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