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Bird-watching at Batemans Bay

A three day stay in Batemans Bay in December 2002 turned into a something of a bird-watching trip.

Among the seagulls and the cormorants on the bay shore, the pelicans stood out due to their sheer size. (The anti-pelican devices on the lamp-post below right are easier to see on the full-size image.)

On the inland side of the Batemans Bay shopping centre are some wetlands, made accessible by a boardwalk. The ibis and heron and an egret were too far away to photograph well, but ducks and swamphen were everywhere.

We saw many other birds on day trips: lots of birds at Pebbly Beach and an inquisitive currawong at the top of Pigeon House (above right).

A full list of birds we saw (not all of which we managed to photograph):
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