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Burrendong Arboretum

Situated near Lake Burrendong, this arboretum has nearly 200 hectares of land, with several thousand species of Australian plants. We wandered along the Hakea walk, the Fern Gully, and the Wattle walk.

huge gumnuts
This was very pleasant, and there were birds everywhere. We saw and identified several species that were new to us -- a Brush Bronzewing (which we heard making a low "ooom", but which I also saw), Spiny-cheeked Honeyeaters, Little Friarbirds, Eastern Yellow Robins, and Eastern Spinebills.

We drove up to the high point of the arboretum, where we boiled water and had hot soup. There were lots of kangaroos around - including one mob several score strong.

Leaving the arboretum we took the scenic route to Orange, where we stopped briefly. We had dinner in Blackheath (where I again made the mistake of having fish) and then it was home to Sydney.

The End
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