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Long Point, Shoalhaven River

Morton National Park, NSW Australia, February 2001
Adrienne, Gregor, Pearl, Sam, and Danny; Anna, David, and DM
Photos by Gregor

We got away late on Saturday morning and stopped for breafast near Marulan, at a service station which had a strange sign in the toilets.

We started the walk down around 11.

We reached the river at 1. The water was mirky, but we went in for a swim right away, then put up our tents/flys (around 5 tents there already, but no people). A huge goanna ate a loaf of Anna and David's out of their pack while we were swimming.

There were caterpillars everywhere; I was throwing them off the sleeping bag liner all night.

On Sunday, some started the climb out around 2.30, Sam and DM and I left maybe 40 minutes later. We had a violent electrical and rainstorm for the last 20 minutes, and were sopping wet when we reached the cars. Adrienne's carload stopped at Sutton Forest roadhouse for dinner on the way back.

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