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Tarn Bluff and Valentine Creek

Kosciuszko National Park
December 2002
Danny Yee, Vic Gosbell, Camilla Ip
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the tarn

Camilla hadn't seen the Snowy mountains in summer, Vic had some free time and wanted to get out of town, and I wanted to go back to the lovely tarn which I'd seen on a walk with Vic and Val way back in 1993.

This was Vic's first walk with his digital camera (he also brought along an "analogue" Nikon), I'd just bought a 256MB CompactFlash card for mine, and Camilla was also carrying a camera. So much time was spent taking photographs.

Day One - Guthega Power Station, Schlink Pass, Duck Creek

Duck Creek

A bit of a road bash.

We meet at Guthega power station, walk up the aqueduct track, and have lunch at Schlink Pass.

We avoid a large Catholic Bushwalkers party by camping on Duck Creek.

Day Two - the Big Bend, Tarn Bluff, Valentine Creek

our campsite

Mostly off track.

Leaving the firetrail a kilometre past Valentine Hut, we reach the tarn via the Big Bend.

Finding others at Mawson's Hut, we camp upstream on Valentine Creek.

Day Three - the Kerries and Gungartan, Jindabyne

ravens above the rock peaks

Above the tree line.

We climb up onto the Kerries and explore some alpine bogs.

After lunch on Gungartan we descend to Schlink Pass and the power station.

Then we indulge ourselves in the fleshpots of Jindabyne.

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