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Kowmung River:
Howling Dingo + Morong Falls

27-30 December 2004
Danny Yee, Vic Gosbell, Andrew Molnar
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We left Sydney (Andrew's place in Roseberry) around 10am, had a decent drive up despite the holiday traffic, stopping in Blackheath for lunch, and were off down the Uni Rover trail around 2.45pm.

above Mathesons Creek
Vic's new GPS got a trial as we left the track to head down Misery Ridge -- with a sidetrip to look at the view over Mathesons Creek. We got to Howling Dingo quite late, around 7pm, so had dinner and went to bed.

Vic had brought along his new camera -- a Panasonic FZ10 -- but I'd left my new Olympus E1 behind and just had my little Canon Powershot S330. It was a bit of a bludge trip so we'd all brought books: I had O.V. Vijayan's The Legends of Khasak, Vic had an anthology of Victorian poetry, and Andrew had a Eucalypt identification guide.


We left our tent flies, sleeping bags, cooking gear and so forth and headed upstream. Crossing the river was actually reasonably difficult, with a choice between slow but wide and deep pools or narrow but fast sections. We ended up clambering over rocks and/or jumping across rapids.

a skink sunning on a river boulder
the Kowmung River
Vic and Andrew

Andrew and Vic went a few hundred metres further than I did -- I stopped and had a brief swim instead. After a lazy lunch we returned to our campsite and had a lazy afternoon.


Danny with termite mound,
Megalith ridge
We had perfect weather for the 800m climb up Megalith Ridge -- the sun only popped out occasionally and it was around 12 to 14 degrees for most of the day.

When we got to the plateau we followed the high point on top and had easy open forest to the road. (The last time we did this walk we'd tried to cut off an angle, and had hit more scrub.) We weren't sure where we were heading now, but we walked back to the 4WD road (past the locked gate) and then down to Morong Creek, where Andrew saw a brown snake.

But it was too early to camp and the site didn't seem particularly attractive, so we walked back the way we'd come, continuing to the end of the road and down to Morong Falls. We sat around the falls reading and relaxing, then filled up our water bags and went up to the road-end to camp. There were nice views at sunset, looking down into the valley of the Kowmung.

Morong Falls
clouds above the Kowmung valley
Vic's tent fly


morning shadows
We did the 8km or so of road back to the car in what seemed like no time at all — it was a cool morning, just 5 degrees when we woke up! After an solid breakfast in Katoomba and the obligatory bookshop visit, we got home nice and early.
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