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Meryla Pass to Griffins Flat and Yarunga Creek

Danny, Camilla, Vic, Val, Andrew, Susan - 17-18 August 2008

This was originally planned as a daywalk, but at Vic's instigation we ended up car camping. We met in Moss Vale for afternoon tea - Camilla and I looked around some antique shops beforehand - but found that the only open cafe was only doing drinks and cakes, not hot food.

We drove to the top of Meryla Pass -- as far as one can now, because of locked gates -- then walked out along Wombat Hill, returning in twilight. Andrew and Susan slept in their van, but the rest of us put up our tents. Dinner was fun, with Belgian chocolates and cookies, cowboy bun, and liqueur supplementing more staple meals.

After dinner Vic and Val and Camilla and I went for a night walk down the pass to Gales Flat. We didn't see any wombats, but with the full moon we had great views of the moonlit cliffline.

The next morning we went back down the pass -- and this time we saw a wombat, at the unnatural (for a wombat) time of 9.30am. Then we followed the firetrail to Griffins Flat, where we explored some of the ruins, and continued along the old road up Yarunga Creek a little way, where we had lunch. We didn't find the hollow tree where Vic had photographed my family some thirty years ago (the last time I had been to this area).

We returned the same way, getting back to the cars around 3.45pm, and met up in Bowral for afternoon tea in the Elephant Boy cafe.

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