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acacia trees

Lake Elementaita
waterbirds and whirlwind

After lunch back in the hotel, we headed off. At some point we left the main road and headed across grass with barely a road, coming down to a peaceful place on Lake Elementaita that appeared to be deserted (some army tents could be seen in the distance).

There were no dangerous animals — in fact we saw no mammals at all — so we could get out and walk around. We watched flamingos doing the famous dance, a yellow-billed stork industriously working through the mud for food, and other waterbirds.

yellow-billed stork
flamingos (with our vehicle behind)

a whirlwind or tornado
On the way from Lake Elementaita to our hotel on Lake Naivasha we saw a dramatic whirlwind. At first it was directly ahead of us, but then it moved to the right (or appeared to as we drove along). This was much bigger and more impressive than the little whirlwinds we had seen in the Rift Valley on the first day, and indeed Kassim and Duncan said they'd never seen anything like it.

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