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Icelandic Food

There's nothing particularly startling or outlandish about Icelandic food. We tried the hakarl, or rotten shark, which is probably the second scariest item after burned sheep's head.

Hvolsvöllur supermarket
Unsurprisingly, Iceland has a broad range of dairy products. This photo shows just a few of the many different kinds of milk available. Nymmjólk is "ordinary" milk (to an Australian), syrmjólk is a sour milk, lettmjólk is low-fat milk, g-mjólk is a long-life UHT milk, and þykmjólk is actually a kind of yoghurt. We never tried ab mjólk (acidophilus) or undanrenna (skim milk).

Skyr is really nice, and we wish it was available in Australia!

The hot-dog is an Icelandic staple - if a service station offers any hot food, they'll have hot-dogs. These come with onion flakes, fresh onion, mustard, and tomato sauce. (Coffee is supposed to be a big thing in Iceland, but we didn't have a single decent cup, mostly just service station instant.)

capsicum in a Reykjavik supermarket
I suspect these capsicums came from glasshouses - otherwise pretty much all fruit and vegetables must be imported. (This photo was a nice test of the manual colour balance on my camera - it coped with the supermarket lighting remarkably well.)
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