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Skaftafell - Kristinartindar

We set off up Kristinartindar, but Camilla was tired and it was getting late, so we stopped at the saddle. The views from there over Skaftafellsjökull and Skarð were pretty good, though.

Camilla climbing Kristinartindar
Skaftafellsjökull glacier

We set off back at 4.30pm. We should have taken the short-cut to Gláma, but I wasn't sure of the route so we went down the way we came and did two sides of a triangle. We stopped at Gláma for more views over the glacier, then it was a long walk back, along the eastern edge of the heath and through the Austurbrekkur woods.

Skaftafellsjökull from Gláma
coloured "paving" stones
Skaftafell campsite from above

We collected our washing, showered (100 Krona each), cooked dinner on a table near the Information Centre, then washed a bit more clothing. It was 10 degrees Celsius at 10.40pm, when we drove back to repitch our tent in the dark. We were soon asleep.

Saturday 30th August

The Information Centre at Skaftafell has an excellent exhibition on the geology and natural history of the area - we thought we'd take a quick look while paying for the previous night's camping, but ended up spending nearly an hour there. As well as static displays, there's a continuously screening film about the 1996 jökulhlaup, or glacial flood, which washed away the Skeiðará bridge. And it's all free!

Leaving Skaftafell, we stopped for a photograph of Skaftafellsjökull.

tent, car, and campsite in the morning

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[Alternative spellings: Skard, Glama, Skaftafellsjokull, jokulhlaup, Skeidara]

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