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Why Iceland? Arrival in Reykjavik

Why Iceland? Well, my friend Anna was doing a PhD on medieval Iceland, and was spending three months in Reykjavik. And I was going to the United Kingdom to visit my sister.

Friday 22nd August

Camilla and I had an uneventful flight from London, managing to sleep a little, and arrived at Keflavik at 11.40pm. We caught the flybus into Reykjavik and a taxi to Anna's flat, which was right in the city centre, on Laugavegur. She was waiting outside, discouraging the men trying to pick her up.

After unpacking and talking a bit, it was 2am before we got to bed. And we were up by 7.30. After eating breakfast and showering - the sulfur-smelling shower water was a definite sign we were somewhere different! - we set off around 9. We went down to Lækjartorg, looked at some shops, visited the Austurvöllur square and the buildings there, and then walked around Tjörn.

Tjörn - the pond

Our goal was the BSI bus terminal. While waiting there for the bus to Þorlákshöfn (for the Heimaey ferry), I manged to send off an "I'm ok" email, after an immense struggle with a MacOS 9 machine with an only partly functional IE 5.1 installed.

The weather was absolutely beautiful and if we'd had any idea how unusual that was - Anna tried to explain - I think I'd have taken more than nine photos! (The weather wasn't nearly as nice for our two days in Reykjavik at the end of the trip.)

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[Alternative spellings: Laekjartorg, Austurvollur, Tjorn, Thorlakshofn]

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