A Visitor in the Land of the Enlightenment
What makes the French so Unmistakably French

After seven years in France, I feel it's time I jotted down some of my impressions.  Think of them as fragments of a guide to understanding the French for Australians, or anyone else who sometimes feels they come from a long way away.  But since I am no longer quite as Australian as I should be, my apologies in advance for any franglais.

Jennifer Yee
  1. Ghosts
  2. Cheese and Sex
  3. Catch 22
  4. Teaching English in France
  5. Obeying the Rules
  6. On Being Normal
  7. Courtship Rules
  8. Race and Dictionaries
  9. Sofas versus Dinner Tables

Jennifer Yee <Jennifer.Yee(@)chch.ox.ac.uk>

"L'Exotisme n'est donc pas une adaptation; n'est donc pas la compréhension parfaite d'un hors soi-même qu'on étreindrait en soi, mais la perception aiguë et immédiate d'une incompréhensibilité éternelle."

Victor Segalen, Essai sur l'exotisme.

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