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the Uyghur Genocide: China's breaches of the Genocide Convention - Newlines
France, Japan, the Baltics + the Balkans face vaccine reluctance - map - Lancet
getting Urdu online: the challenges of typography - RestOfWorld
the UK's visa offer to Hong Kong residents: dreams of a "model minority" - CNN
suicide rates in Japan rise significantly, reversing a decade of improvement - BBC
the British glottalisation of /t/s - Guardian
Disha Ravi and India's crackdown on dissent - Guardian
London's bridges are falling down - Guardian
Iran's censorship of social media and the forthcoming presidential election - Rest of World
photo gallery: Java's Semeru and Merapi volcanoes - Guardian
(I have climbed both, back in 1994.)
things aren't looking good in Tigray - ReliefWeb
huge potential gains from African Continental Free Trade Area - World Bank
Dutch government resigns over scandal - BBC
even if this is with the coming elections in mind, it's notable that admitting failure seems best (contrast UK, Australia, etc)
45,000 year old cave art found on Sulawesi - Science News
Barcelona reclaims street space for people - Guardian
as China pushes linguistic assimilation, Mongolia revives its Hudum script - JapanTimes
Iran's ride-hailing service has flourished despite US sanctions - RestOfWorld
80s and 90s Japan: "wild, strange, incredibly diverse + unique in world architectural history" - @Furmadamadam
Urdu sounds are disappearing from Bollywood songs - Dawn
Singapore "sees racial harmony between its people as too important to be left to chance" - NextCity [via Cosma]
how Oslo got pedestrian and cyclist deaths to zero - Wired
despite electoral fraud, the kakapo wins "New Zealand Bird of the Year" - CNN
an underwater sculpture park to stop illegal fishing - Guardian
civil war looms in Ethiopia - New Humanitarian
a city of dawdlers and loafers? we all need more aylyak! - BBC
the Netherlands isn't keen on e-scooters - DutchNews
Italian towns where 0.5% of the population died in the first wave are doing better in the second - Economist
not a parody: Indian child poverty charity opens kitchens in the UK - Guardian
the UK is much better than the US, but still lags NL, DE and DK for walking and cycling safety - StreetsBlog
the strange history of grapefruit, and its unusual drug interactions - Atlas Obscura [via @RobOnABike]
another outsider marvels at cycling in the Netherlands - HDCF
staying positive: lessons from Tromsø - Guardian
The Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality - Building the Cycling City [my review]
protests in Inner Mongolia at restrictions on Mongolian in schools - NPR
"an approach that has emerged in the last decade that demands China's minority ethnic groups become more 'Chinese' by reducing or outright eliminating their limited cultural autonomy"
the Polish language: a cheatsheet for beginners - Culture.PL
the dangers and challenges of salmon farming - Guardian
gas fields fuel conflict in the Aegean - Guardian
widespread flooding in Karachi after heavy rain - DW
"To be Lebanese is to be broken-hearted" - GQmiddleeast
street design and cycling: Copenhagen versus Amsterdam - YouTube [10min video]
floods in Jaipur (Rajasthan, India) - India Today
is India's dwindling Parsi (Zoroastrian) community doomed by its opposition to conversion? - Guardian
curfew and lockdown leave Melbourne's streets deserted - Guardian
how car parking works in Japan: podcast + summary - Reinventing Parking
cities worldwide fast-forward plans to shift commuters to cycling - WSJ
the looming unemployment crisis in Penzance, Plymouth and Exeter - Tortoise Media
Chinese Heihe faces Russian Blago across the Amur - MO
a third of Bangladesh is under water, and it's still raining - Guardian
accidentally resilient Athenian apartment design - Bloomberg CityLab
making Kurukshetra a model cycling city - PedalAndTringTring
repackaging rural China for urban fantasies - Sixth Tone
ten great novels set in Germany - Guardian
slavery in the Dutch East Indies - Conversation
why sharks matter - Guardian
Scots Gaelic could be dead within a decade - Guardian
Anne Hidalgo's victory on a walking+cycling platform rests on her limited central Paris electorate - NewStatesman
vestiages of empire: still holing onto the "British Indian Ocean Territory" - NYROB
bad-boy embroidery fashion in rural Japan - SSENSE
python bounty hunters in Florida's Everglades - 1843 Magazine
Fairtrade faces a shift to in-house certification schemes - Guardian
rethinking tourism - Guardian
Javanese traditional musicians are struggling in lockdown - Inside Indonesia
Hammer and Dance? a critical look at Sweden's coronavirus strategy - Medium
a thread on the history of public transport infrastructure funding in Italy - @ChittiMarco [via @ParadiseOxford]
excavation of a walrus-hunting camp in Iceland from around 800 AD - Iceland Review
an Oxford historian looks at local landscapes - Life in the Floodplain
a sustainable future for Mongolia's cashmere industry? - Diplomat
South Korea delays some school reopenings because of a (workplace) Covid-19 flareup - KoreaHerald
meanwhile, UK schools are pushed to start wider opening
two books on air pollution - The Invisible Killer + Clearing the Air [my review]
East Asia's success with SARS-Cov-2 will reinforce its economic might - AsiaTimes
a backgrounder on recent politics in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa - SIPRI [30 page PDF]
how "yellow filter" in American films negatively stereotypes countries - MatadorNetwork
how Kerala has tackled Covid-19 - Guardian
public health is one area where communism really does shine
Iceland stops hunting whales: watching them is more profitable - Forbes
the French settle the most important question about covid 19 - AcademieFrancaise
Air France told not to compete with rail (as part of bailout) - RailJournal
a spiralling Taiwanese exploration of memory and history - The Stolen Bicycle [my review]
celebrating and labelling accidental urban flora - Guardian
adventures in etymology: cha if by land, tea if by sea - Quartz
new German regulations to support cycling and car-sharing and counter speeding and illegal parking - BMVI [(in German)]
the impact of coronavirus on Mongolia - reliefweb - Medium
Paris and Milan plan emergency reallocation of space for walking and cycling - Forbes
will lockdown revitalise Italian schooling? - Guardian
central Milan plans for far fewer cars - Guardian
COVID-19 epidemiology based on the Wuhan experience - @XihongLin
how Saudi Arabia has radicalised Indonesia - Guardian
a comparison of French and British responses to the coronavirus crisis - TomForth [via @thomasforth]
Hans Rosling was wrong: global inequality is getting worse, not better - JasonHickel [via @Suchmo83]
Jakarta is only shutting down now... - Guardian
Covid-19 in Vietnam - DW
Korea still faces a challenge, but they seem to have constrained coronavirus - Science
more on Utrecht's 12,000 person car-free residential district - Guardian
can we please build something like this within cycling distance of central Oxford?
it's unclear why Germany has such a low COVID-19 death rate - EuroNews
Google Translate now supports Kinyarwanda, Odia, Tatar, Turkmen, and Uyghur - Verge
the medical system in Italy sounds like it's at breaking point - WEF
the best site I can find for global COVID-19 data - WorldOMeter
a Hindu supremacist India will only be held together by violence - Guardian
growing up amid Norwegian landscapes - The Hills Reply [my review]
the US is the only nation dissenting from a global declaration on reducing road deaths - Forbes
vegetarianism and social violence in India - Scroll
Julian Smith and Northern Ireland - RTE
"During his 204 days, all three strands of the Good Friday Agreement improved and one of the festering elements of Brexit was resolved."
why are Hindu nationalists trying to politicise food - biryani, even? - Scroll
is Switzerland a model for UK bus services? - Guardian
if the news is too depressing, start thinking about dropped kerbs and modal filtering instead - Guardian [via @helenpidd]
a guide to the Irish general election - ProgressivePulse
an account of our four days in Tokyo last year - WanderingDanny
will 2019-nCoV become a fifth endemic human coronavirus? - STAT
Utrecht plans 12,000 resident car-free development - Dutch Review
in contrast, Oxford's Barton Park will house 2,000 people on a site 50% bigger, with easy car access but horrible cycling
update: city Circulation Plans, from Groningen to Ghent - Oxford Blog
how Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo is curbing cars and increasing cycling - Curbed
looking at the downsides of making public transport free, Finland doesn't follow Estonia - yle
why religious discrimination in India's Citizenship Act is so dangerous - Wire
velvet worms and fighting grasshoppers: the fire threat to Australia's smaller animals - NYT
how reducing road provision can make motor traffic "evaporate" - RapidTransition
a model for Oxford: Ghent's circulation plan - StreetFilms [video]
big changes done quickly and cheaply, using bollards and bus gates
a 2008 study on Australian climate change impacts: "fire seasons will start earlier, end slightly later, and generally be more intense... This effect increases over time, but should be directly observable by 2020" - SBS
Barcelona's superblocks - with a video on woman-centred urban design - BBC
why Embankment has a different "mind the gap" message to the rest of London's Underground - BBC [via @garius]
Designing Child-Friendly High Density Neighbourhoods - Cities For Play
the Jesuits in South America: give me the community for 150 years - AmericaMagazine - Quarterly Journal Economics
rethinking the city street: Melbourne as a prototype - Medium [via @harryrutter]
Peru's Potato Museum: preserving critical agricultural diversity - Guardian
on being French and Chinese - Guardian
how Stockholm brought in congestion charging - Fast Company
nearly half of Iceland's immigrants are Polish - Iceland Review
'the West' and its walls - Strange Maps
a photographic review of the world's parliament buildings - @AFaulds
Cargohopper: deliveries to central Utrecht - Fast Company
bring back Britain's rainforests! - Monbiot
Cycling Facts 2018 - Netherlands Government
"Reader: I dyed my hair purple" - LongReads
Indonesia plans to move its capital to Kalimantan, Borneo - Nikkei
the Bender Rule: 'Natural Language' is not a synomym for 'English' - Gradient
an American learns to cycle like the Dutch - NYer
towns in east-central Australia are wilting - Guardian
Tokyo: Public Cycling World City - Sportify Cities
improving the Open Street Map gender balance - CityLab
trying to save England's last bell foundries - Guardian
Iceland's Route 1 is now paved all the way around - Iceland Review
the making of a Dutch brick street - Michigan Quarterly Review
some little details in Studio Ghibli's classic Kiki's Delivery Service (now 30 years old) - @TristanACooper
publishing children's books from around the world, especially Iranian ones - Tiny Owl
2019 children's books in English translation - WorldKidLit
Utrecht as a model cycling city - CityLab [video]
plans to put urban forests into Paris - CityLab
The Diversity of a Narrative Tradition in South Asia - Many Ramayanas [my review]
Jakarta is sinking towards disaster - ABC
Lake Eyre in flood - ABC
Hong Kong protests against new extradition law continue - Guardian
Vancouver realises that AAA-quality cycling infrastructure matters - Fast
Amsterdam is removing 10,000 parking spaces - Vimeo
but they are doing this after first reducing how much those cars are used
in Germany new motorways are still being pushed through established urban areas - Guardian
in Korea, babies can turn two the day after they are born - Guardian
five great-looking translated children's books - Words Without Borders
a 9km loop walk in the Chilterns, from Pishill to Maidensgrove - Wandering Danny
changing politics in Bremen, Germany's smallest state - Guardian
Old Javanese makes an appearance on xkcd! - xkcd
"gender mainstreaming" in shaping Vienna - Guardian
"Of Streets and Squares" - free book on what makes public spaces work - The London Society
the challenges of cooling the London Underground - Ian Visits
Brussels goes after motor traffic - CityLab
"systematically banishing anything but emergency and delivery vehicles from a large network of streets and squares that are not just central, but axial"
better than a Garden Bridge, Waterloo Bridge occuplied by Extinction Rebellion - Dezeen
in Switzerland, 4yos walk to school by themselves - Playing Out [via @j4]
192 million voters, 80% turnout, only minor glitches and negligible fraud - Jakarta Post
why is post-1947 British town planning so bad? - Guardian
could Barcelona be the first major city to go "post-car"? - Vox
the story of Oxford's Headington Shark - Guardian
1500 spaces a year: Amsterdam is going to systematically remove parking from its centre - CityLab
Japan has a new era name: "Reiwa" - Guardian
12 months in Gaza: nearly 200 killed and 30,000 injured - Guardian
climate-change and overgrazing impact the Mongolian steppe - GlacierHub
Stockholm's congestion charging was popular once implemented - NYC StreetsBlog
China is running an immense incarceration system for Uyghurs, with international silence - NewStatesman
"I want my street to be like this": contrasting Dutch and UK residential street design - Robert Weetman
no yelling, no scolding: how the Inuit raise their children - NPR
the rise of five-over-one wood-frame "stick" apartments in the US - Bloomberg [via Cosma]
forget electric cars, electric bicycles are the future - BikeEurope
some background on tailings dam failures - Reuters
a global history perspective on "Western Art Music" - Musicology
the third most discriminatory regime in the world - 972mag
climate change is making the Rhine unnavigable - Bloomberg
with RCP8.5 emissions, a good chunk of the tropics will be almost uninhabitable in 2100 - NClimate
Dar es Salaam: buses rather than a metro system - Guardian
The Dutch Republic: Its Rise, Greatness, and Fall 1477-1806 [my review]
Singapore now has a cap on car ownership - Quartz
making cities into happy spaces: Madrid, Rotterdam, Bandung, Toronto, Vienna - Monocle
analysis of Mexican genomes reveals some of the region's untold histories - ScienceMag
How Cycling Can Save the World/Economy - Bike Nation + Bikenomics [my review]
Bangladesh's economic success - Nikkei
is Indonesia using white phosphorus weapons in West Papua? - SaturdayPaper
Indonesia hit by tsunami from Anak Krakatau - Forbes
a Dutch evaluation of cycling in Copenhagen - BicycleDutch
"Cars are becoming as big of a threat to the climate as coal-fired power" - NewRepublic
trying to save the UK's lost footpaths: a 2026 deadline for rights-of-way - Guardian
China's social credit surveillance system extends across Europe, GDPR notwithstanding - Medium
the fight against malaria is at a standstill - NYT
"there were an estimated 220 million cases of malaria last year, and about 435,000 deaths"
how the Democratic Republic of the Congo is stamping out sleeping sickness: a photo-essay - Guardian
plans to pedestrianise central Paris (arr 1-4) - BBC
a large part of England's "National Cycle Network" is impassable or unsafe - Guardian
the Tilburg demonstration cycle route, 40 years on - BicycleDutch
Dunkirk is the largest European city to offer free public transport - Guardian
Occitan still lives - BBC
seven world cities take small steps to improve walkability - Guardian
the Spanish city Pontevedra has banned cars from its centre - Guardian
Irish folklore from the 1930s - IrishTimes
"100,000 children were sent to seek out the oldest person in their community to root out the darkest, oddest and weirdest traditional beliefs, secrets and customs"
an ocean-centred world map projection - LeCartographe
two Canadians learn about Dutch cycling - Vox
there are downsides to English "swallowing the globe" - Guardian
André Gorz: private cars are like private beaches - UnevenEarth [via @Urban_Turbo]
some comments on the Gilligan report on cycling in Oxford - OxfordBlog
yes, Norway is expensive - OxfordBlog
Arabic was an official language in Israel for over 70 years - 972mag
a visualisation of Amsterdam's new restrictions on motor traffic - @kentslundberg
what Britons will be losing with EU Freedom of Movement: an ABC - @eberlmat
charting street orientations in 25 world cities - GeoffBoeing
Nevis: an offshore financial haven - Guardian
Ethiopia and Eritrea restore diplomatic ties after twenty years - CBC
designing cities for children - Arup
after the British and the Irish, the Dutch are going to be worst hit by Brexit - Rabobank
"a hard Brexit would cost the UK 18% of GDP growth until 2030 ... £11,500 per British worker"
cycle-touring with children - Guardian
Finland loves its libraries - Guardian
Holland (the Randstad) is an empty city, not a dense country - @jaapmodder
Living Below Sea Level - The Dutch and their Delta [my review]
what is the longest straight line over water? - ScienceMag
200 times thinner than a human hair: the last master of handmade gold leaf - Craftsmanship
getting cars out of city centres - Medium
the other side of Hong Kong: poverty in old age - Guardian
Barcelona creates "superblocks" to get human-friendly streets - Vox
Barcelona has the most densely populated 1km square in Europe - Guardian
"point and call" safety on Japan's railways - AtlasObscura
A Language Spotter's Guide to Europe - Lingo [my review]
cities for children: Tirana, Rotterdam, Bogota, Lexington, Vancouver - Guardian
"walk south on Cornmarket St towards Queen St" - Google Maps
Finland - Guardian
the Sydney Opera House car park is architecturally as interesting as the opera house itself - ABC [via @jmfarrow]
Cape Town (population four million) is going to run out of water in April - NYT
is Cape Coral the world's least environmentally sustainable city? - Politico
the Netherlands moves towards a single app for dockless bikes - BikeBiz
crewless electric barges coming for Dutch and Belgian goods transport - Guardian
the steady progress of Paris' liberation from motor vehicles - CityLab
ambitious proposals for reconfiguring central Oxford transport - OCC
typical rural cycling in the UK: a choice between mud and 70mph traffic - @AsEasyAsRiding
the politics of funding the Metropolitan Line extension - LondonReconnections
"London agreed to fund a transport project, with no cost ceiling, that primarily benefitted a Conservative marginal seat outside of the capital."
how the packaged sandwich took over Britain - Guardian
the Japanese are starting to renovate instead of knock-down old houses - Guardian
a week in Brittany + Normandy - Saint Malo + Bayeux
An Introduction to Language and Linguistics - How Languages Work [my review]
Sydney tops world's worst cities for cycling - WeLoveCycling
the Houses of Parliament are falling down - Guardian
the 11 nations of the United States - BusinessInsider [via @phaseit]
a brief history of free movement in Europe - MigrationPolicy
Amsterdam first impressions (mostly about transport) - OxfordBlog
Leiden's Panji tales collection makes it onto the UNESCO Memory of the World Register - UniLeiden
what no one told me about the Netherlands - RobertWeetman
"In Amsterdam I could hear my children talking to me."
a firefighting perspective on the California fires - NYT
if you want German reliability with trains, go to Switzerland - DW
Amsterdam has pretty much no public toilets - BBC
data nerd finds closest English houses with the same number and street name - PaulPlowman
modernist Yugoslavian war memorials: Tjentiste and other spomeniks - @RespectableLaw
Arts and Society in Flanders and the Netherlands - The Low Countries Yearbook 2014 [my review]
Florida is not prepared for a hurricane - WP
how one city in Spain got rid of its cars - Citiscope
flooding kills hundreds, leaves millions homeless - Guardian
a vintage VW campervan to the Peak District - Oxford Blog
Germany's north-south divide - Economist
a short Chilterns walk: Studley Green to Piddington return - OxfordBlog
how the apple conquered the world - ScienceMag
little girls racing big horses in Mongolia - AlJazeera
get transport planning out of the grip of the car - Guardian
British tourists think stealing from hotels is acceptable - Guardian
Khaltmaa Battulga's journey from ger (not yurt!) to presidency - Politico
the real Lake District heritage has been socially as well as environmentally repressed - ABitOfClass
the dangerous sand flats of Essex's Broomway - BBC
a history of the Uffington White Horse - Smithsonian
Sadiq Khan has abandoned any real attempt to improve London cycling - Guardian
committing illegal acts of infrastructure - KALW
short stories by Korean women - The Future of Silence + Wayfarer [my review]
London is slowly getting proper bike infrastructure - SubversiveSuburbanite
a history of Santorini's fantastic Atlantis Books - VanityFair
a Coombe Hill walk - OxfordBlog
Japan has a word for "death from overwork" - BBC
The Ancient Art of Landfinding in the Pacific - We, the Navigators [my review]
Britain's worst cycle lanes - Anorak
some of London's cycling "Quietways" are not fit for purpose - AsEasyAsRiding
the UK is not actually that rich a country - Huffington
the problems of excessive parking, around the world - Economist
the deep ocean trenches are loaded with pollutants - Economist
five days in Bali - WanderingDanny
Australia's heatwave - I'll take Oxford's 4 degree days anytime! - Guardian
fascinating sounding film about a Mongolian eagle huntress - Guardian
the Putin generation seeks security and stability - NationalGeographic [via Cosma]
a map showing the most common word in each country's Wikipedia article - Imgur
What can the world learn from educational change in Finland? - Finnish Lessons 2.0 [my review]
how the Dutch do sustainable safety - AsEasyAsRiding
teaching Ugandan primary school children how to detect bullshit health claims - Vox
Kaifeng: being Jewish and Chinese - NYT
MAD legacy: the pyramid in remote North Dakota - Fusion [vis Cosma]
a writeup of our August trip to the Lake District - OxfordBlog
Australian animals are no more dangerous than British cows - OxfordBlog
a nice overview of Dutch cycling for outsiders - ModaCityLife [via @harryrutter]
Russia's Arctic obsession: Tiksi and the Northern Sea Route - FT
bicycle loophole gets asylum seekers from Russia into Norway - BBC
a setback for Australia's attempts to bully East Timor over oil - Monthly
photos of cycling, worldwide - SteveMCurry
a Zambezi puzzle: do Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia meet in two tripoints or one quadripoint? - FutilityCloset [via @divbyzero]
a nice graphical presentation of worldwide shipping routes - ShipMap
a lovely walk in the Chilterns: Pulpit Hill and Ninn Wood - OxfordBlog
Norway is thinking of giving Finland a mountain - Guardian
photographs of East Oxford fish-and-chip shop customers - Guardian
the UK can always find money for road-building... - Twitter
the challenges of fire management in US forests - Economist
is Paris ready for a really big flood? - Guardian
cleaning up the Ganges will be a massive undertaking - BBC
an infographic of the world's languages, showing numbers of speakers - SCMP
migrant labour: a Bangladeshi poet in Singapore - Economist
some background on Oxford's airport - OxfordToday
working in Switzerland compared to working in the United States - Vox
high resolution modelling of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation - RealClimate
how to identify common languages that use Latin alphabets - TheWeek [via @divbyzero]
Hamburg got a container port, but is it sustainable? - Guardian
a nice overview of the challenges posed by global warming - Climate Shock [chapter 1 PDF]
how Jane Jacobs saved New York from Robert Moses - Guardian
car, bus and truck drivers kill a person a week in London - VisonZeroLondon
Lyme disease sounds like one of the nastier common diseases going around - Conversation
how Copenhagen reshaped itself for cycling - IrishTimes
"For each project a simple litmus test was applied: would you be happy letting your child cycle there?"
the UK has a church problem - Apollo
"16,000 committees, 16,000 separate systems of fundraising and finance, 16,000 different approaches to maintenance and repair"
a comparison of tax-paying in Sweden and the United States - Vox
(I think property taxes are a good idea, though)
why is the Netherlands bucking the trend on obesity? - DW
better modelling of Antarctic ice-sheet contributions to sea-level rise - Nature
explaining how "global mean sea level has been 6–9 metres higher as recently as the Last Interglacial (130-115 thousand years ago)"
Danny Dorling on Restoring Oxford as the UK's Cycling Capital - YouTube
Sustainable Solutions for UK Cities - Urban Transport Without the Hot Air [my review]
selfish people insist on being able to rat-run through London parks - Guardian
the United States have been reorganised - xkcd
mass cycling doesn't mean everyone cycles, it means everyone has the option to - AsEasyAsRiding
the politics of language diversity in Bangladesh - OUP
reformist successes in Iranian elections - Guardian
Contested Histories and Contemporary Realities - Confucianism as a World Religion [my review]
sea-level change in millennia past and future - RealClimate
penal transport to Siberia is not what it used to be - SiberianTimes
Thai police raid bridge club - SMH
"The gathering violated a 1935 Playing Cards Act that prohibits the possession of more than 120 playing cards at any one time"
human-hyena friendships in Harar - Azimuth
"small change" - a stone currency up to 3.6 metres across and 4 tons in weight - Wikipedia
did monkeys raft across the Atlantic from Africa to South America? - BBC
it's a lot cheaper for Britons to become Australian than vice-versa - Economist
container ships are getting even bigger: US ports are scrambling to get ready for them - IBTimes
exploring South Korean culture and society - Korea: The Impossible Country [my review]
the Moscow-Archangel train as a gauge for Russian history - Economist
George Monbiot answers questions about rewilding Britain - HillWalking
are Britain's National Parks 'ecological disaster zones'?
between East Africa and South Asia - Medium
the Japanese are only just discovering real bread - JapanTimes
some lovely landscape photography from Iceland - BoredPanda
meta-review of literature on bicycling safety - ScienceDirect [via @AsEasyAsRiding]
"Wearing visible clothing or a helmet, or having more cycling experience did not reduce the risk of being involved in an accident."
a setback for active travel in Basel - BikeBiz
South Africans can't escape history - Guardian
"In the mid-1990s, the government's curriculum-redesign committees eliminated history as a standalone subject"
mapping Africa's ethnic and linguistic diversity - Harvard
against shared use walking-cycling routes - AsEasyAsRiding
Christopher Wren in Oxford: "a bit of a donkey aesthetically" - AlbionBeatnik
some unpleasant surprises from Greenland glacier ice dynamics - WP
improving palliative care in Mongolia - NPR
in the UK, cyclists are expected to cycle on 70mph dual carriageways, crossing two-lane entries with no protection - AsEasyAsRiding
mapping the most popular languages after English and Spanish, for each US state - Slate
German, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Navajo, Korean, but also Russian, Dakota, Hmong, Arabic, Portuguese and Polish
a history of Oxford college gardens - OxfordToday
a survey of the best UK (and UK-expat) cycling blogs - CyclingEmbassyUK
central banks should try to prick housing bubbles - AFR
the UK is replacing roundabouts with traffic lights; the US the opposite - Guardian
four different size rankings of Britain's cities - CityMetric
London Gateway: a six-berth container dockyard on the Thames estuary - Guardian
a family holiday in the Netherlands: cycling observations - Girodilento
fantastic creativity in Soviet era bus stops - Guardian
how Thor Heyerdahl's Kon Tiki expedition misled the world - Smithsonian
first map of global anti-neutrino activity shows reactors - CityLab
"antineutrinos from these human-made sources accounted for less than 1 percent of the total detected"
the Crown Princess of the Netherlands on her first school run - Twitter
how cycling infrastructure enables the elderly and disabled - Streets
Dublin's cycling infrastructure is a step in the right direction - CycleSprog
true safety for people on bicycles lies with design - @AsEasyAsRiding
Kazakhstan's Astana is one of the strangest capital cities - Guardian
nice map illustrates how unevenly the world's population is distributed - ScienceAlert
a Dutch perspective on just how crap London's cycling infrastructure is - muxblog
cycling and the law (in the UK) - BikeHub
ambitious plans to fix Seattle's transport problems - Grist
visualisation of numbers of language speakers, worldwide - SCMP
India's heatwave as a warning for the future - Guardian
a nice overview of how Dutch cycling infrastructure works - Pushbikes [via @DavidHembrow]
giraffes are not a cycling hazard in the UK, thankfully - Road
Dutch drivers are just as bad as British ones - AsEasyAsRiding
linguistic and genetic evidence for Australian baobab history - Conversation - PLOSONE
the UK Foreign Office has deficient Russian and Arabic skills - Independent
California faces the reality of water constraints - NYT
how Amsterdam was saved for cycling (and walking) - CyclingAcademics [via @ParadiseOxford]
fossil fuel firms still funding climate change denial - Guardian
nice introduction to the economic risks of climate change - PUP - first chapter [PDF]
the genetic diversity of the British peoples - Nature - Guardian
revealing font choices on Berlin's U-Bahn - Guardian
round-the-world cyclist reckons Sydney drivers are the most hostile - Guardian
glutinous rice mochi are not always harmless - Guardian
not the first mass killing in Pakistan, and it won't be the last - Dawn
racial tensions mount in a Rwandan girls' school - Our Lady of the Nile [my review]
comparing UK and Netherlands cycling - JournalTransportHealth
maps of the world's second languages - BusinessInsider
the choice for at least Indonesia seems wrong to me
China reducing coal consumption affects Mongolia as well as Australia - GlobalResearch
some myths about Ebola - Guardian
Afghanistan in the 1960s and 1970s - MessNessyChic
40,000 year old rock art found in Indonesia - Conversation
the UK doesn't do mixer taps - 9gag
European student exchange scheme may have produced a million babies - TheJournal
Danny Dorling on the London Problem - NewStatesman
is Arabic a single language? - OUP
"the longer people spend commuting in cars, the worse their psychological wellbeing" - BBC
charting some interesting Oxford statistics - gov.uk
the old women of Chernobyl's exclusion zone - Telegraph
some interesting thoughts on Switzerland - CT
vertigo-inducing views of Hong Kong - OnTheRoofs
some examples of British facadism - Guardian
photographs of Hong Kong in the 1950s and 1960s - Guardian
the Japanese city of Yubari accepts old age gracefully - Guardian
a superb anthology of short stories - Modern Korean Fiction [my review]
what annoys climate scientists the most - Guardian
compared to Europe, renters in Australia (or the UK) have no rights - Choice [via Robert]
the Dutch can count to three, why can't Australians (or Brits)? - BicyclePerth [via @DavidHembrow]
a personal response to the double-crested cormorant - YUP
an overview of transport issues in the United Kingdom - The Transport Debate [my review]
anti-human street and building design - @AsEasyAsRiding
Icelandic "land of giants" pylons unfortunately never built - ChoiShine
the Tehran international book fair sounds like fun! - Guardian
more Australian government stupid on climate change - Guardian
xkcd: "defending a claim by citing free speech is the ultimate concession: you're saying that the most compelling argument for it is that it's not illegal to express"
the Social Progress Index - SPImperative
defintely a better indicator of countries I'd like to live in than per capita GDP
Paris' abandoned railway - BBC
Iranian dowries are out of control - Guardian
British cities are terrible places to walk - Guardian
scaling up family planning in Ethiopia - Lancet [via @HansRosling]
Singapore is holding a dry water festival - StraitsTimes
in 1949, more distance in the UK was travelled by bike than by private car - CyclePath
Seoul is demolishing its expressways: 15 since 2002 - Guardian
the inventor of "Pakistan" - StrangeMaps
nice overview: Climate Change: Evidence and Causes - RoyalSociety [PDF]
a dark comedy of reputation in small-town Nigeria - Diaries of a Dead African [my review]
the tensions of San Francisco's gentrification - Guardian
Discovery Channel fabrications encourage wildlife massacres - Monbiot
African Union steps in to help flooded Thames Valley - DailyHawk
major eruption of Mr Kelud, 200,000 in East Java evacuated - AlJazeera
Risk, Uncertainty, and Economics for a Warming World - The Climate Casino [my review]
an overview of Antarctic ice changes - NASA
"Antarctica has been losing more than 100 cubic kilometers of ice per year since 2002"
reading the Herculaneum scrolls - BBC
why the Germans can't get enough of English markets - Poke [video]
a first-hand encounter with the Ugandan nostril tick - Guardian
tool use by crocodiles - SciAm
goats on a dam - ViralNova [via Jenny]
methane updates in context - RealClimate
carbon dioxide remains the real problem
Antarctic workers leave "skua piles" - Far
some of the walls that divide the world - Guardian
flooding in Riyadh! - RT
stop catastrophizing relief efforts in the Philippines - Time
Venice now covered by Google Street View - Guardian
East Germany reappears in a map of the 2013 German election results - StrangeMaps
correcting myths about strange Japanese sex - Independent
"a voyeuristic fascination with Japan's strangeness, spurred on by irresponsible journalism and sensationalised headlines"
commuting makes people, and cities, unhappy - Guardian
the true size of Africa - SupplySideLiberal [via Marginal]
the United States is divided between Emmaland and Sophialand - StrangeMaps
"two thirds of foreign visitors to Cornwall are from Germany, Austria or Switzerland" - Guardian
preemptive denial of forthcoming IPCC reports - Guardian - Monbiot
a guide to Dutch roundabouts - BicycleDutch
a week on Britain's canal network - NewStatesman
shared space intersection regenerates Poynton - YouTube [via CyclOx]
why is Venice such an attractive city? - Oxford Blog
UK forecasts for plane passenger numbers have been wildly wrong - Monbiot
nine English cathedrals and two parish churches charge entry fees - ThinkingAnglicans
some amazing external staircases - WorldGeography
breastfeeding in Mongolia - DrMomma
save the world, switch to eating insects - AFP [via @MarkLauer]
full-colour video of London in 1927 - LostAtEMinor
an illustration of the energy density of wet rice agriculture - PopeHat
a cross-cultural perspective on raising children - Guardian
the east-west divide in Berlin is still visible from space - Guardian
worldwide parenting approaches vary hugely - Slate
how to be German in 20 easy steps - VV
some different London Underground maps - BuzzFeed [via @AmandaWrigley]
the moped menace in the Netherlands - BicycleDutch [via @lizbatty]
Fieldnotes of a Tropical Biologist - Notebooks from New Guinea [my review]
tensions as Kenyan elections approach - Guardian
things have improved in Africa in the last decade - Economist
only Tokyo and Osaka now top Sydney and Melbourne for cost of living - Economist [via MB]
writeup of a trip from 2011 - a weekend in Bayeux
uncovering how a family of German tourists perished in Death Valley - OtherHand [via MeFi]
cycling stories from English cities - ThinkingCycling
another sport I'd never heard of: Kabaddi - BBC [via Jonathan]
we have an allotment! - Oxford Blog
pictures of Venice in flood - Guardian
one place that is not going to fare well with sea level rise
the power of bicycles in disaster - AtlanticCities
Better Block: urban renewal in Dallas - TED/Youtube [via ibikelondon]
Bloomberg Businessweek puts it bluntly: "IT'S GLOBAL WARMING, STUPID" - ThinkProgress
cycling in Münster - SUNYSB [via DavidMorrison]
massive hurricane striking the US north-east - WunderBlog
Masters: "a 50% chance that Sandy's storm surge will end up flooding a portion of the New York City subway system"
a family history: hunger in an Indian village - Bloomberg
Mongolian bone factories - AnthNews [via claird]
how airline baggage tags work - Slate [via claird]
there is no data for Oxford in the Great British Public Toilet Map - GBPTM
I wish I were a confident enough cyclist to attempt these trips - CycleRoutesOxford
a tale of two cites: East and West Berlin - ABC [via DL]
Berlin imagined - George Szirtes
helping run a Chicken Beauty Contest at the Binsey Fete - Wandering Danny
a week in Thailand - Wandering Danny
in Bavaria, a nine-year-old can do a 600 km cycle trip - AboutCycling
moving to Alice Springs - Inside
problems for shipping as the Mississippi runs low - NBC
our Olympic experience - Oxford Blog
there are 4 million speakers of Venetian in Brazil?! - Ethnologue
"although referred to as an Italian dialect, Venetian is in fact a separate language" - Wiki
shifting Tien Shan water run-off from summer to winter would not be good news for Central Asia - Nature
civil war tours of Barcelona - Guardian
a tour of Didcot A power station - Oxford Blog
the Karakoram Highway remains blocked - Guardian - my trip there in 1999
25 Celsius (77 F) is hot for Greenland - TP/Wunder
the writings of women and men who travelled together - Travels in Tandem [my review]
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twenty beautiful bookshops, worldwide - Flavorwire [via @VivianYang]
twitter now censored in Thailand - Guardian
some people don't like summer - PsyBlog [via @KateCarruthers]
documenting Numbani, a language of Papua New Guinea - Far
Bangkok takes stock as the floodwaters recede - Guardian
an account of a brief visit to Seoul - WanderingDanny
twin-engined passenger jets will be allowed to fly across the North Pole - Independent
where children sleep, worldwide - MyModernMet
Iceland in recession - Guardian
"sales of condoms have fallen 25%, most probably because a packet of Durex costs twice as much as it used to"
Bangkok gets the attention, but Cambodia is flooding too - ABC [via CLP]
Mongolia wonders how to deal with its resource boom - Atlantic
Dubai doesn't have a proper sewage system - NPR [via BB]
"in a place like Dubai, you have a 24-hour-long line of trucks waiting to dispose of the waste from those buildings"
the Normans win the Battle of Hastings every year - EnglishHeritage
promotional video for Dutch cycling - Vimeo [via CyclOx]
going around the Netherlands on a bike sounds like it'd be good fun - Hembrow
the cycling infrastructure looks really nice
an article on Blue Mountains canyoning - NationalGeographic
a long weekend car touring Wales - Oxford Blog
visiting Charles Darwin's home - a Down House visit
Sydney now 7th most expensive city - SMH
outdone only by Tokyo and a few Swiss and Scandinavian cities
tips on picking a northern Thailand trek - TravelFish
a day trip from Oxford - Dorchester Abbey + the Wittenham Clumps
travelling with children - Guardian
the RSPB and its nature reserves - Independent
an update on my life in Oxford - Town, gown, or tourist?
amazing close-ups of sand grains - DailyMail [via Su]
campaign for 30km/hr residential speed limits Europe-wide - Road [via CyclOx]
my Oxford blog - between the bicycle and the electric car
a obituary for travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor - Guardian [via @phaseit]
a tale of two cooks in Cameroon - Far
some great Iceland photos - CreativeOverflow
brings back memories of my 2003 Iceland trip
crossing the Himalaya - sea level to Everest in 8 hours - PlanetEarth [via @MargieKinney]
photos of new species from Madagascar - Guardian
single-home levee - PopSci [via MR]
German and British differences in smalltalk and politness - BBC
review of Changing Planet, Changing Health - RealClimate
Attenborough warns about CGI - Independent
studying African elephants - Amboseli Trust for Elephants
the Irish are emigrating again - Blast
Istanbul has growing pains - Guardian
damming the Mekong - Guardian
the giant catfish may not be so important in itself, but the fisheries are vital in Cambodia and Vietnam
drought is destroying pastoralism in northern Kenya - Guardian
birdwatching tips - Princeton
earthquake updates - BBC
geothermal colours around Dallol volcano, Ethiopia - SwissEduc
cultural perceptions within Europe - StrangeMaps
a visit to Bath - my Oxford blog
there are a million Chinese working in Africa - Guardian
malaria parasites suffer jet lag - Scientist
the Swedish energy story - ClimateProgress
$150/tonne carbon taxes, 1/4 of energy from biomass, etc.
Egypt tries to disconnect from the Internet - HP
an East Africa safari - IntoAfrica
I've finished writing up my last big trip - Switzerland trip
history, food, archaeology, art theft, genocide, films - Cambodia [my review]
there's a single property in South Australia 20% bigger than Wales - Anna Creek Station
3D reconstruction of Pergmon - SecondPage [via MEllison]
conflicts over Mekong dams continue - ABC
some amazing geological photography - SmashingApps [via @MargieKinney]
the greening of Ascension Island - Economist
my Oxford blog - so far, I'm enjoying the cold winter
has Ta Prohm really been renamed "Angelina Jolie Temple"? - Guardian - Ta Prohm
photos from a trip last month - an Edinburgh visit
Beijing air pollution has become "crazy bad" - Guardian
insects are food - Guardian
Leon is visiting Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo - Rakugoleon
the UK has had fantastic autumn colours this year - Independent
a Gloucestershire trip - Uley Bury + the Jenner Museum
Javanese volcano Merapi erupts - SMH
a weekend trip to the Welsh border - Hay-on-Wye and Blaenavon
a daytrip from Oxford - Brill + Otmoor
there's wildlife in Singapore - Independent
Oxford and Sydney - comparative utility costs
I've finally finished my Mekong Delta + Angkor Wat travelogue - Vietnam/Cambodia 2009
GPS typo-squatting - Age
UK hotels sue TripAdvisor over bad reviews - Independent
it's getting harder for Australians to work in the UK - 1stContact
a trip last weekend - Uffington White Horse, Stonehenge, Avebury
do cars have hair? - a classic car show at Blenheim Palace
we christen our new car with a trip to the Cotswolds - Guiting Power walk
Iceland plans "human" pylons - Telegraph
a visit to a Chinese ghost town - WorldBank
I enjoyed the "Klee meets Picasso" exhibition in Bern - Zentrum Paul Klee
a brief blog writeup - picking berries in Oxford
a guide to London yum cha (dim sum) - WFG
Mongolia between the "white death" and the mining companies - Guardian
London adopts Paris' public bike hire scheme - Guardian
UK travel company goes bust, leaving thousands stuck - Guardian
a writeup, with photos, of my recent trip - Turkey travelogue
this may be a bit rough in places, corrections or feedback would be welcome
something to look out for in Berlin - Stolpersteine [via Marginal]
Oxford Blog update - exchange rates and relative prices
conflicts over the Nile's water - Guardian
I've written up the Phnom Penh part of my trip last year to - Vietnam and Cambodia
Turkish Reflections: The Biography of a Place [my review]
photos of the Hunza valley landslide/lake - Boston [via Chapati]
trains, ferries and cabs are doing a roaring trade - Times
I've walked past the Eyjafjallajokull icecap/volcano - my Iceland travelogue
Oxford as a cultural centre - Oxford Blog
Icelanders are starting to emigrate - Yahoo
"Last year saw the largest exodus from the country since 1887."
the Ordnance Survey opens up some of its mapping data - Independent
British Summer Time happened and no one warned us!
we found out because our computers stopped agreeing with our clocks
favourite spring days out in the UK - Times
the Mekong Delta leg of my trip last year - Vietnam/Cambodia
registering to vote in the UK helped me open a bank account - Oxford blog
Lake Chad declared wetland of significance under Ramsar Convention - WWF [via @MargaretKinney]
phylogenetics, bubbling mud, Mt Doom - a New Zealand North Island travelogue
I'm stuck in limbo waiting for my visa
the High Commission won't provide any information about the status of appeals/applications, so I've heard nothing since I got notification of its receipt on December 17th
the tree-climbing goats of Morocco - WebEcoist
Angel Falls: the world's tallest waterfall - TwistedSifter
pollution is destroying the Taj Mahal - Frontline
photos from the Scottish Highlands - SteveCarter [via @MargaretKinney]
I've started a blog about our relocation to Oxford - Oxford Blog

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