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New Zealand travel costs, 2003

The return air fare Sydney to Christchurch was AUS$660 and I paid AUS$100 for travel insurance. In nineteen days in New Zealand I spent a bit under NZ$2000. Most of the costs were shared - the figures here are my share, with items divided by two where appropriate.

Transport - $650

The big items were car hire ($405), petrol ($100), and the Stewart Island ferry ($90).

Accomodation - $550

We stayed in a mix of huts, hostels, cabins, motels, B&Bs, pubs, and one full-on hotel.

Food - $445

$115 of this was unprepared food, mostly from supermarkets, the rest was from restaraunts, cafes, etc.

Tours & Museums - $120

The big items were the Otago Peninsula wildlife tour ($49) and the Milford Sound cruise ($58). Donations to museums, etc. made up the rest. We saved a lot of money because we weren't interested in jetboating, helicopter flights, and suchlike.

Personal and Miscellaneous - ~$200

A couple of maps ($30) and two books ($80) were the most expensive purchases. I spent $15 on Internet access and $36 having photographs put onto CD from CompactFlash.

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