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Birdwatching - Kea alpine parrots

Not long past Forest Burn we came across two juvenile Keas preening themselves and each other only a few metres from the track, on a small spur where the south arm of Lake Te Anau made a splendid backdrop. Not at all afraid, they let us get really close, and we must have spent fifteen or twenty minutes photographing them - I took 20 photos and Camilla used nearly an entire roll of film. (My first camera battery ran out here, so I spent the rest of the walk hoarding the second.)

preening keas

photographing frenzy

a kea up close (NOT cropped!)

a photograph from an earlier New Zealand trip
To round off the ornithological experience, a New Zealand Falcon flew along the track right at us soon afterwards, passing maybe a metre from my head!

For more information on the Kea (Nestor notabilis), I reccomend the book Kea: Bird of Paradox.

I'd seen one Kea before, on an earlier trip to New Zealand south island.

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