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Leaving my job

Life, — January 2010

Today was my last day at work. I've been working at the University of Sydney, first for Anatomy and then for Medical Sciences, for sixteen years, so it's a pretty big change for me - I don't think I've lived in a house as long as I've worked in the Anderson Stuart building.

Anderson Stuart Building (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

(As a farewell present, I was given a really nice print of a painting of the building sometime late last century, and a set of pen and watercolor drawings of it more recently.)

I had lunch with a bunch of the Medicine CSOs and some sysadmins from elsewhere on campus. Then I started copying my old email into my Gmail account and did a final clearout of my desk, uncovering some real old memorabilia. A number of people came by to say goodbye: as well as my boss John, quite a number of the academic and general staff in the building have been here all the time I have.


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