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Stuff from Australia

Life — March 2010

Our thirty seven boxes from Australia were delivered on Wednesday, having taken about nine weeks door-to-door. Here's a photo of them sitting in our living room.

thirty seven shipping boxes

thirty seven boxes arrived from Australia

Nothing got broken in transit, though some of the books were packed sideways instead of flat and got a bit "folded". I'm very glad I packed my books myself.

We've now unpacked everything and actually managed to find somewhere to put it all! We've managed to put a lot of the surplus stuff that came with the house under the eaves in the roof, and there's actually a fair bit of storage space, especially shelves. We also left a lot of stuff - probably over half our goods by volume - in storage in Australia.


  1. He had forty-two boxes, all carefully packed,
     With his name painted clearly on each:

    (oh, if only you'd had a few more boxes....:)

    Comment by Kristina — March 2010
  2. We can have another go at this on the way back... we'll just have to acquire exactly five extra boxes worth of books, etc.

    Comment by danny — March 2010
  3. That should take you exactly four weeks!

    Comment by Ray L. — March 2010

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