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a proto-toddler

Children, — October 2013

Helen went to Australia a baby and has come back a kind of proto-toddler.

I am the oldest

This is partly a matter of appearance. Helen is long and lean and has a decent covering of hair and, when wearing pants or a dress instead of a babygro and held upright, looks like a small person rather than a baby. The photo shows her with two of her cousins, who are younger by two months and four months.

It's partly about posture and mobility. Helen can't walk yet, or stand unassisted, but doesn't need much support to stay upright and will put one foot in front of the other in a tentative fashion. She also loves being upright, to the point that the best way of calming her when she's lying down and unhappy is to pull her to standing.

But mostly it's about cognition and social development. Our biggest challenge now is no longer feeding her, changing her nappies, getting her to sleep, or anything like that, but keeping her entertained.

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  1. Helen is thriving, and she likes brain-stimulating activity. It must be the Australian air she breathed.

    Comment by DL — October 2013

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