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Helen got 33 books for Christmas and her birthday: 8 from me, 9 from Camilla, and 16 from friends and family. Helen and I have also given everyone books for Christmas and birthdaysJenny and the Cat Club, The Robber Hotzenplotz, Sophie's Adventures, and suchlike for her friends, Mortal Engines, Tomorrow When the War Began and The Giver Quartet for my nephews.

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She's also been reading the more prominent titles off the spines of the books on the shelves (she seems quite happy reading sideways). She started in the dining room, with Candido (Sciascia), but a favourite is I Am a Cat (Soseki) and she has read lots of others including The Black City ("kitty") and A Time For Everything. In the living room (playroom) she has picked out Korea (Tudor) and The Roots of Hate (Brustein) and Inequality (Atkinson), which sparked impromptu geography and history and economics lessons.

When she's read the titles of all my books we could proceed to reading all the first sentences, and do a breadth-first traversal of the world's literature!


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