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Daunt Books in Summertown

Books + Ideas, Oxford — October 2020

I finally made it to Summertown to visit Daunt Books, Oxford's latest bookshop. I figured I should take the opportunity before another lockdown happened, and it was also a chance for a pleasant cycle while the weather was still good.


This is a really lovely bookshop, with a fantastic selection of books, nicely laid out for browsing. They've adopted a country-region structure, so for example all the Dutch novels are alongside the non-fiction about and travel guides for the Netherlands. I came away with Foenkinos' The Mystery of Henri Pick and Ida Simmons' The Foolish Virgin.

I also fitted in visits to Gatineau, for my favourite apricot tart, and Gails. And I noticed that the Mountain Warehouse shop still hasn't managed to shut down, even with the aid of a pandemic — it has been "shutting down" for so long its "Final Clearance" sign can be seen on Google Streetview!


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