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Tour du Mont Blanc:
Rifugio Bonatti to Courmayeur

Rifugio Bonatti was custom-built as a refuge, relatively recently. The road along the valley floor can be seen below, so it's not really remote, but unlike our other stops it's not on any kind of road or cable-car terminal.

the Mont Blanc massif
Rifugio Bonatti

a gloomy evening
We found beds — this was the first time we were in a dormitory instead of having a room to ourselves, but it wasn't crowded — and then had drinks outside in the sun.

Dinner was excellent: sun-dried tomato on bread with homous and prosciutto on the side, followed by pasta with tomato sauce, salad and carrot as sides, meatballs, bread of course, and a creme caramel with (home-baked) shortbread.

Thursday 5th August

Unfortunately it was overcast and drizzling in the morning, and continued that way.

It was still a pleasant walk down to La Palud, but when we go there we found that, because of the weather, the cable-car across to Chamonix wasn't running. So we got the local bus down to Courmayeur, where we had some great pizza before catching the bus through the Mont Blanc tunnel back to Chamonix.

mist over the Italian Val Ferret
excellent Italian pizza

If our experience is representative of the food in Italy, that might be an argument for preferring the southern half of the Tour du Mont Blanc!

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