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Notes on Accommodation in Turkey

We stayed in mid-range accommodation, with ensuites and wireless Internet; we also picked places that were well-located.

We had booked the Istanbul accommodation in advance, but otherwise we mostly booked a stop or two in advance. This might not be feasible in peak tourist season.

Some places quoted per person fees, but the following prices are what we paid, per night, for a twin room.

location hotel price notes
Istanbul Hotel Turkoman €85 This is right near the Hippodrome and has a rooftop bar with great views over the Blue Mosque.
Istanbul Hotel Best Hippodrome €80
Bergama Akropolis Guesthouse 50 lira This was perhaps the best value place we stayed in. It had the most spatious room of the whole trip, with a desk and chair as well as a small sofa and single and double beds, and it was well located for visiting the Akropolis.
Selcuk Pension Barim 50 lira
Egirdir Ali's Pension 70 lira The meals were quite expensive.
Konya Hotel Rumi €75 This was a proper three star hotel, with uniformed staff and all.
Goreme Arch Palace €35 This had a rooftop terrace with a great view.
Ankara Angora House $90 Opulent and well-located.

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