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Turkish Food

We had one or two ordinary meals, but not a single one that was bad, and mostly the food was really good, in some cases superb. There was an immense range in price: our most expensive meals were 57 and 45 lira per person, while my cheapest was 2 lira.

2 lira for a chicken kebab + ayran at the Izmir otogar
a whole sea bass for lunch

A broad range of food is subsumed under "kebap" in Turkey, and probably half my meals were one kind of kebap or another. Mezze was another common option.

a mezze plate
breakfast in the Arch Palace

All the hotels provided breakfast, and this was always largely similar. Bread with jams and honey and other spreads, fruit, and hardboiled eggs, with some of the more expensive places providing scrambled egg or other extras.

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