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On the flight from Reykjavik we watched and tried to photograph the clouds. It was another long hot Underground haul from Heathrow; being Friday night, people were tarted up for going out. Not up to walking, we caught a mini-cab from Archway to Paul and Val's. Paul was working on a report due on Monday, but we watched News Review with Val and caught up on common family news and history.

Saturday September 6th

Getting up at 8.30, we caught the bus to Kings Cross where we picked up our car. This was not the Ford we'd booked, but a huge silver Rover, which had only done 1500 miles and had not a mark on it. We came back to Highgate for lunch, and after ringing family in Australia and saying our goodbyes, we set off at 1.

Kings College, Cambridge
Round church

In Cambridge we first tried to find the house Camilla had lived in when she spent six months there as a child. Then we drove into the town centre and got confused in the pedestrian-only area before finding a car park (expensive). We wandered around the fruit market, visited King's Chapel and the Cambridge University Press bookshop, and had a bit to eat while it rained a bit. I also burned my Iceland photos to CD.

With a mix of showers, sun, and rain, we had superb rainbows on the way to Norwich, where we were staying with Camilla's family friends the Parikhs.

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