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I didn't do that much preparation for visiting Scotland - most of my reading was focused on Iceland. The New Penguin History of Scotland was an excellent broad-ranging history; Scottish Medieval Churches helped provide context for churches and abbey ruins. (For subsequent reading, see my Scotland and Scottish history book reviews.)

The Lonely Planet Scotland Guide was the only travel guide we really used during the trip.

Specific Sites

These are sites I looked up after the trip, out of curiosity, rather than as preparation beforehand.

has information about the Kingsgate footbridge
the Ruthwell Cross
Smoo Cave
has its own web site!
John O'Groat's Ferries
run the one day Orkney tour we did
Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust
Caerlaverock and Martin Mere
the John Snow Society
Camilla and I put this site together after our trip

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