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My luggage - travelling light

What I Took

Flying Jetstar, I chose not to pay for checked luggage, so I had a limit of 10kg.

With the netbook and charger, a fairly large DSLR (Olympus E-1) with standard and telephoto zooms, four batteries and a charger, plus US, UK and European power adaptors, a good chunk of that was taken up by electronics.

I also had a small first aid kit, a small bag of toiletries, a compass, a torch, insect repellent, and nail clippers.

Otherwise it was all clothing: two pairs of long pants, one long shirt and two short shirts, underwear, a light jumper, and a pair of hiking sandals. I didn't take any kind of rain jacket, but had bags for waterproofing my pack and figured I would buy a cheap umbrella if rain turned out to be a problem.

What I would leave behind

I ended up wearing one shirt, one pair of trousers and two pairs of underpants for the entire trip, except for the first and last days and the flights. Every evening I washed what I'd worn and hung it up to dry, and it was either dry or close enough in the morning.

If I were doing the same trip again, I would leave behind the jumper and the third shirt, and replace the second pair of trousers with a pair of shorts. I would also leave behind the bag for my sandals, the circular polarizer, the fourth camera battery, and the US and UK power adaptors (the European plug worked everywhere).

What I would add

Replacing the netbook with some kind of smart phone or mobile computer would also be an option (which might also replace the alarm clock and the map printouts).

If I did that and replaced the DSLR with a compact camera, I could get my luggage back down to the daypack and five kilograms or so I carried around India in 1998.

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