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37mm lenses for my compact digital (37mm thread)

Wanting some more photographic flexibility for my Powershot S330, I bought a lens adapter and wide-angle, telephoto, and closeup lenses. (I bought these from Bugeye Digital - their site provided information on what worked with which cameras.)

Tiffen Megaplus 0.56x Wide-angle lens

This gives a useful 21mm equivalent field-of-view, which with cropping gives nice panorama shots. But as you can see (click on the image to view the original), it's rather soft at the edges.

Sydney harbour panorama, with bridge and CBD
the courtyard at work

There's also the expected barrel distortion, which is most obvious on building shots, but there's a wide-angle adjustment plugin for the GIMP, so that can be corrected.

The Tiffen Megaplus 0.56 lens is available from Amazon.

Crystalvue Sharpshooter 8x telephoto lens

This is basically a monocular - and can be used as such, it even comes with a removable eyepiece - wth 37mm threads on either end. It has to be focused manually using the camera's LCD display, to get an image the camera's autofocus can lock onto.

The photos of the Sydney Harbour Bridge below show the magnification possible with the Sharpshooter. The right-hand photo was my very first attempt using the lens and was taken without a proper tripod (using my backpack as an improvised "beanbag").

unaugmented (37mm effective)
3x zoom, with 8x lens = 888mm effective

I'm hoping to get some good falcon photos...

Tiffen +7 and +10 closeup lenses

this flower was barely a centimetre across!
100% crop
Stacked together, these give pretty awesome magnification, rectifying the otherwise poor macro of the S330. There's a fair bit of resolution loss, however...
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