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Lama Temple + Confucius Temple

Tuesday 19th July

Tai Chi in Jingshan Park
We were up at 6.30 and away by 7, trying to fit as much as possible in before our afternoon flight.

We wandered through Jingshan Park, where it was already warm. People were doing tai chi, some alone, some in groups, some to music, some using children's play equipment as props. Others were ballroom dancing, playing cards, playing shuttlecock with their feet, and so forth; gardeners were pulling out clover. It was already warm enough that we were sweating just sitting around.

We took a taxi to the Yonghe Lamasery (or Lama Temple) — the driver discouraged Peter - "no! no!" when he tried to use the seat belt. The temple is a mix of Qing architecture and Tibetan Buddhism, not dissimilar to the monasteries we had seen in Mongolia.

a worshipper makes an offering
the Lama Temple
a game of Chinese chess

We visited the nearby Confucius temple.

Confucius statue
a venerable, gnarled tree
records of examination results

Then we got a taxi back to our hotel where we showered and did some laundry. The friendly English-speaking hotel worker saw us off.

On the expressway heading to the airport we saw a sign telling us it was 39 Celsius!

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