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cliffs from Pointe du Van
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Pointe du Van + Pointe du Raz

We drove to Pointe du Van, stopping to admire a wind farm, and walked around the headland. At one point we stopped to photograph a lizard and a little mouse, which fearlessly nibbled on grass seeds within half a metre of us.

By the time we finished it was to late to get to Quimper, which had been the original plan. So we stopped at the hotel in the Baie des Trepasses ("Bay of the Dead", named because of the shipwrecks), where we had a nice fish Normandoise for dinner. I went for short walk in the dusk, looking at more Atlantic Wall bunkers.

Baie des Trepasses hotel at dusk

Saturday 16th June

After breakfast we drove out to Pointe du Raz, which isn't the western-most point of the French mainland — that is in north-west Brittany — but is treated as if it were. There's a big car park here and many shops, but they are a kilometre or so back from the cliffs — unlike the mess at Land's End in Cornwall — and it's a decent walk out (there's a shuttle bus in peak times).

Our Lady of Shipwrecks
gulls over Pointe du Raz
Pointe du Raz

The views are dramatic, with gulls soaring in the wind above a wave-beaten coast and with views of islands (the little island of Sein can just be seen on the horizon), rocks and lighthouses.

There's no real need to visit both Pointe-du-Van and Pointe-du-Raz. Either will give a good feel for the wind- and wave-swept coast and Brittany's intimate entwining with the sea.

After a quick coffee we headed back east. On the way to Quimper we passed through Audierne and other attractive looking villages and towns, but didn't have time to stop.

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