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Vannes, Suscinio, Saint Jacques

We sped into Vannes on the motorway, parked, and went into the old city to have lunch — an excellent tortellini quatre fromage and fish lasagne in the "Villa Valencia", though the service was a bit slow. After that we visited the Museum of Prehistory and went up onto the ramparts.

restaurant Villa Valencia
an old Vannes house
a Vannes streetfront

Following an indication on our map, we drove south to a Réserve Naturelle on the estuary, where we saw some birds and did a short loop walk.

Next stop was Suscinio Castle. This resembles everyone's cliched idea of a castle, and is being painstakingly restored. It has exhibits of tiles and tapestries, and videos and other information about the restoration process.

towers at Suscinio Castle
a water gate
St Jacques harbour

We stopped at the supermarket in Sarzeau, then continued to St Jacques, where we settled in what seemed to be the only hotel in town. This had a nice view over the harbour, but otherwise St Jacques didn't seem very exciting — a sleepy little resort town — and it was hard to see why the guidebook had even mentioned it.

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