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Megaliths near St Just

We left the highway to look at the megaliths near St Just. With just my big Brittany map as a guide, along with whatever signs we stumbled over, there was a fair bit of bumbling around involved in this. But it was pleasant countryside to be driving around.

Alignements du Moulin

There are dozens of megalithic sites in this area, but we only visited two. We looked at the Alignements du Moulin, which consists of three row of stones, of different kinds and colours. They are named after a windmill right next door.

Then we hunted down the allée couverte "Rocher du Tréal" (Grotte-aux-Fées). Nestled in the trees up on a little hill, this was one of my favourite megaliths of the trip.

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the Rocher du Tréal aka Grotte-aux-Fées
We hadn't done any megalith research before our trip and our guidebooks only covered the most famous sites. If I were visiting Brittany again, I'd spend some time at The Megalithic Portal, which has a wealth of information. For example on Tréal it says
"A fine, recently restored lateral entry allée couverte at the top of a hill just to the northwest of the Saint Juste megaliths and signposted from there.

The main chamber is about 13 metres long 1.2 m wide and oriented 102°. The entrance is on the south side with a couple of laterally set portal stones near the east end. There are 8 capstones in place and all the stones get larger to the west end. The stones are made from the strange lumpy local Schist."

For general background on megaliths, we'd picked up a copy of Standing Stones at Carnac.

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