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Morlaix, Barnenez, Roscoff

old houses in Morlaix
Our first stop was at a market in St Martin, then we descended into Morlaix proper. In a valley, this is dominated by the railway aquaduct which runs across it.

The restaurant "La Reine Anne" mentioned in our guide to the Restaurants du Terroir was closed, but we got eight small cakes from a patisserie. It was mid-afternoon, so many places were closed, but we found a creperie "L'Hermine" where we had tea, a kir, a salad, and two crepes.

Then we headed north to the cairn at Barnenez. This is huge — over 70 metres long — and has chambers one can peer into and in one case walk through, but the small visitors' centre lacks much in the way of interpretive material. Wikipedia has details.

On the way to Roscoff we stopped at Carantec, where we did a very short walk out to a headland viewpoint. It was still raining. In Roscoff we checked into the hotel where Camilla was staying -- we had one single bed only. But we found an open "laverie" and did a big load of washing.

onions in the sunlight
the walkway to the Ile-de-Batz ferry

The rain finally stopped and the sun came out, giving us great views. We walked out along the walkway to the Ile de Batz ferry, had moule-frite (mussels and chips) with white wine sauce dinner in the "Moule au Pot" -- I was getting used to mussels, which are not something I usually eat.

the view from the window

Monday 25th June

I was woken at 7 by the church bells and our alarm clock, and went out to get croissants for breakfast. Then I said goodbye to Camilla and drove off — after getting confused by the roads and doing a loop around the town centre.

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