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Solo - 7th September

Postcard #10 from Danny dated 7/9/94 received 15SEP 94

On the front is a picture of something that resembles steps leading
to a temple.  In the foreground is a kneeling (male) statue.  Behind
this are stairs leading up.  On either side ofthe stairs is grass.
At the top of the stairs is a threshold gateway (Fafhrd says they
look like bookends).  At the bottom of the picture is the caption:
Candi Cetho and the word Surakarta with a red and white flag next
to it.

"The good news is that I've arrived in Solo and checked in at
the same losmen I stayed in two years ago.  One of the two
guys (Alan) is still here and remembered me (and asked after
Richard!)  Bamboo Homestay is still a quiet, relaxed place, and
I think I will stay here until I get over the bad news - I'm sick.
Nothing so expected as dysentery, or so dramatic as malaria - I've
got an ordinary old head cold.  It's been coming on for a couple of
days now - it's not from the mountain climb - but it got really bad
today.  I've just been out to dinner with the first Australian I've
seen for a while - a naturalised Finn who has just spent two weeks
in Kalimantan and knows as much Indonesian as I.  It's only 9pm,
but I think I'm going to go to bed.  The annoying thing about having
a cold is that it's likely to last weeks and there's nothing much I
can do about it - dysentery would have lasted a day or two.  The
people here say the cold is due to the change in weather from
Australia to Indonesia and that it's quite normal - normal but
very annoying.

The caption on the back of the post card says "Candi Cetho
located on the foothills of Mount Lawu just 40km East of
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