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Oxford Blog
documenting my stay in the UK (2010-2013)
Naples, Venice, Berlin
Ireland, France, Seoul, Thailand
East Africa: Kenya + Tanzania
Masai Mara, Nakuru, Serengeti, Ngorongoro (2011)
Mont Blanc, Geneva, Interlaken, Lucerne, Basel (2010)
Western Turkey
Istanbul, Bergama, Selcuk, Konya, Goreme, Ankara (2010)
Vietnam and Cambodia
the Mekong Delta, Phnom Penh, Angkor (2009)
Hong Kong, Brittany
food, architecture, megaliths (2007)
Kaikoura to Kahurangi
New Zealand's Marlborough + Nelson (2006)
Mongolia and Beijing
from the steppes to the metropolis (2005)
North Island New Zealand
Coromandel, Tongariro, Waikato (2005)
South Iceland + Scotland/England
walks, birds, buildings (2003)
Otago, Southland, Fiordland
New Zealand travelogue (2003)
New Zealand South Island
Westland + Southern Alps (2002)
North Pakistan & Western China
Chitral, Gilgit + Kashgar (1999)
India (Maharashtra & Rajasthan)
with an Oxfam study tour (1998)
England, Catalonia, and France
London, Barcelona, Toulouse, Paris (1997)
Java + Bali, California + Arizona
volcanos and deep valleys (1994)
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travel blog

more Australian government stupid on climate change - Guardian
xkcd: "defending a claim by citing free speech is the ultimate concession: you're saying that the most compelling argument for it is that it's not illegal to express"
the Social Progress Index - SPImperative
defintely a better indicator of countries I'd like to live in than per capita GDP
Paris' abandoned railway - BBC
Iranian dowries are out of control - Guardian
British cities are terrible places to walk - Guardian
scaling up family planning in Ethiopia - Lancet
Singapore is holding a dry water festival - StraitsTimes
in 1949, more distance in the UK was travelled by bike than by private car - CyclePath
Seoul is demolishing its expressways: 15 since 2002 - Guardian
the inventor of "Pakistan" - StrangeMaps

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