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Solo/Surakarta - 9th September

This card arrived about a week ago (possibly more) -- apologies to all --
work has been hectic.

Card addressed to:
	Carole Cusack
	26 Old Canterbury Road
	Lewisham 2049

The picture is of Sarangan lake at night, with the village on the shores
lit by lamps which cast long stripes of colour on the black water.

Postcard #13 - Solo 9/9/94  |  Please email to dhog@cs.su.oz.au
Sarangan Lake, Magetan * East Java
Telaga Sarangan, Magetan * Jawa Timur	Today's been rather expensive -- I
bought some batik and some jewellry.  I posted the batik back to
Australia and Bali -- a bit of a hassle at the post office but it only
took half an hour.  Indonesian advertising is very interesting --
they have taken to it with abandon, but the results are sometimes very
amusing, and it is almost always unsophisticated by Western standards.  The
language use is interesting -- Javanese never seems to appear on signs (English
does on shops targetted at the rich) but is definitely the language in
general use.  I wish I understood Javanese, but it's interesting enough
watching the shifts between the three languages//  The unpleasant English couple
have just left to seek another losmen, and Kari has headed off
eastwards; they have been replaced by 3 French tourists who seem
nice so far.  (The English guy not only said nasty things
about Indonesia + the Indonesians, he also abused
the Dutch, the Germans and the French.)  Tomorrow
I think I will head for the mountains resort of
Sarangan (picture on front) -- I can't climb Lawu(?)
because there have been fires on top, but I may
climb a smaller (2300m) peak to the south.  The
French are playing cards -- I asked if they played
bridge, but no luck.  // I just shouted Allen's
brother to some martabak and got invited to eat it in the family house.  It's really
tempting just to stay here, but I think I'll look for a chance to work in Indonesia for 6
months or a year.  The three French have settled in comfotably; I am
now listening to two conversations -- one in French and one in Javanese -- neither of which I can understand!!
Danny  |  Carole, I hope the thesis is progressing well.  Love, Danny
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