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Malang, East Java - 18th September

[From: micki korp <MKORP@acadvm1.uottawa.ca>]

Postcard nr. 22....this came in yesterday, but I've not had a moment
before today to transcribe to one and all.
First, the image:  Here we have, taken with a wide angle lens and
cropped close in,a strange (although hieratic) arrangement of one
church centred,  two pedicabs centred.  The church--a white facade,
neo-Gothic, structure with two black steeples, and one doorway
above which a (presumably) "rose" window rises--is well done
architecturally.  Good balance and use of the basic Gothic forms.
It stands on land so flat the only thing in back of it is a stormy
big sky.  That's the top half of the picture--almost exactly half--
storm sky fronted by white church.  The bottom half has the two
pedicabs lined up directly in front of the church.  They are
painted yellow and red and are accompanied by their drivers, who
wear brown trousers and shirts and white hats.  The road
otherwise is empty.  Underneath it all is a caption:  Indonesia.
Forgive me, folks, for going on about this, but it's an unusual
composition.  Street scenes do not make for hieratic comps.
And the colours are quite strong.
                    black   black
                       black              thunderheads
                    white church
           --------------------------------horizon line


Postcard #22--Malang 18/9/94
Boy it's nice to spend two whole days in one place without any mountain
climbing!  English books are a bit more expensive thanin Australia, and
the choice is limited, but I bought a copy of Clavell's _Shogun_ (preferred
over the Chrichton and Grisham bestsellers for sheer bulk), and have just
finished that.  I've managed to get all myclothes cleaned (3500 for the lot, as
I was too lazy to do it myself) for the first timein ages.  I slept in this
morning (didn't get up until 7am!), but I'm now in perfect health--no cold,
regular bowel movements, and fit as can be).//I spent the hot part of today
back in the Oen restaurant, reading the paper (Jura Post, English edition)
and sipping iced mango juice--definitely the way tolive!--indulging in some
Black Forest cherry cake (expensive).  Everything in Malang seems a bit on
the expensive side, and the hotels and some of the restaurants charge
10% extra for some government tax no one
has heard of elsewhere.  The only other unpleasant
thing is the number of beggars, otherwise, it's really
nice here.  I've bought some chocolate (also expensive!)
and lots of instant noodles for the Semeru climb,
and tomorrow after changing some money and sending
this card off, I'm off to Gubuklakah to start climbing.
I don't think I'll have time to fit lkMt. Argopuro in,
which is a bit of a shame as it would have been nice to
climb all 6 of the main peaks in East Java. (I'm assuming
it's now safe to climb Semeru--if not I'll just go as close as I can).  Danny

postcard caption on back (Java is an island of contrasts--shown here
is a Dutch church and a typically Javanese form of transport--the becak.)
also a p.s.
Hi Micki!  The loudspeakers on the mosque have just started up--noisy
as hell, but one gets used to it.

To which I cannot help but comment:  you're not supposed to get used to it!
You're supposed to pray (if Muslim); and if not, convert, and pray more.

Cultural question:  Is this concern with the function of one's G.I.tract,
and wanting everyone else to know, an Aussie thing or a Danny thing...?
Just curious.  After all I live in the land where bran cereal is
advertised as something that gives you "pep, and git-up-and-go".
There's no mention of destination!

Micki (in the land of autumn and maples turning colour, first frost today)
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