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Bandung - 3rd September

From: "Fred the Wonder Worm" <ftww@joyce.cs.su.OZ.AU>

Postcard #5 (dated September 3rd) arrived yesterday, apparently posted
from Bandury.  Picture on front: ground of dirt and small rocks, with
lots of smoke blowing from it, like several cheap smoke machines.
INDONESIA is written below it, with explanatory text:

mont PAPANDAYAN - sulfur - odour gas given off by dormant volcano.  WEST JAVA.

And on the other side:

  Hello everyone!  I've decided to take things easy today - visit a few
  museums, do some shopping ans so on - and then catch the night train to
  Kutoarjo.  Food and accomodation for two days and nights has been less
  than 40,000 Rp.  [For those of you who don't know, the current exchange
  rates are: AU$1 = 1500 Rp, US$1 = 2000 Rp.]  I've eaten fried rice, chicken
  noodle soup, banana pancakes, omelettes, and a lot of Klenkeng (a small,
  sweet stone fruit).
  My Indonesian is improving really rapidly, as the Indonesians staying here
  are prepared to correct my mistakes, and we only use English when I get
  stuck on something.  [I've just been to the army museum here - some
  interesting stuff (for those interested in Indonesian history, anyway);
  lots of stuff on the Independence struggle, the Darul Islam uprising, the
  Madiun affair and even on East Timor, but hardly anything on 1965/1966.]
  I'm sitting in a fancy shop eating halfway decent gelato - it's 11 o'clock
  and I'm already glad of the air conditioning!  It's time to go post these

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