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Bandung - 3rd September

Postcard #6 (transcription by Catherine Playoust)

Man and cow ?ploughing in green, terraced field.

Caption (under photo) 
CIWIDEY - south of BANDUNG, the farmer is singing a song to command
the cow to do work, the cow knows what is mean by the song. (JB 19).
[Well, we know what they meant :-)]


2 copies of Republik Indonesia 300,-   
Blue drawing of aeroplane with multiple silhouettes 
    of a plane in flight.
Pelita V   1992
Alih teknologi


Bandung 3/9/94

Hi Cathy!
Hi everyone!

I'm really going to miss the Losmen Sakadarna; the people
are so interesting. Not so much the western tourists---a Dutch
couple + a pair of English girls who won't even try to speak
Indonesian and stick together all the time---but the visitors
from other parts of Indonesia. The latest arrival is a
Balinese legal consultant, but there's also a pair of
Minangkabau girls and a bouncy ("fast") woman from 
Jakarta---I think 10 different languages have been used today!
The Balinese and Jakartan are singing to guitar accompaniment
by the polyglottal local previously described. 

It will be interesting to see how I get on in Kutoarjo,
however, as it doesn't get a mention in any of the guidebooks
and so should be tourist-free. 

The Canadian who's working here is really pleased because
he's managed to find breakfast cereal and wholemeal bread in
a supermarket. He's been here only two weeks, but he's spent
8 years in Taiwanese Philippines. *Everyone* takes me to be
*Japanese* until I open up with my English, which it a bit
disconcerting! I get a few "Konichiwa"s on the street along
with the ubiquitous "hello, mister"s. I hope I can sleep on
the train.
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