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Missing the Net

On the front is a small picture of what appear to
be small temples on fire, the caption reads "Traditional
Cremation, Bali, Indonesia"  The stamp is of a silouette
of a while with the seleton showing through.  The caption on
it reads "100 Tahun Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense 1994"

I'm not missing the usual things at all.  No attacks of homesickness, no
culture shock, no cravings and hamburgers or other unobtainable
foods, no longings to talk in English (it's been two weeks
since I spoke to anyone with more than a few phrases of
English, except for a couple of brief chats with
passign tourists in Malang).  What I'm missing is all textual -
my books of course (not having access to my reference library
is like losing my long term memory), but above all my net connection!
Hundreds of connections to other people lost, thousands of
threads on USENET interrupted mid-stream (I'll never know what
response, if any, my last book review received).  There must be
thousands of pieces of mail waiting to be read, and people will
be wondering what has happened to me (I didn't leave any kind of
auto-reply system in place).  I don't suppose LA airport has any kind
of public net access system yet? :-) // The one physical
comfort I'd like is a hot bath - Indonesian style mondis beat
showers any day, but there's nothing like a hot bath for getting
the dirt out of one's pores.  I guess being able to drink tap
water would be nice too, but it's not a major hassle - bottled water 
is available in the smallest shops here.
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