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San Francisco - 3rd October

[From: Michael Usher <miku@sedal.su.oz.au>]

Yesterday brought another postcard from adventurer Danny:

Aerial view of San Francisco - city-type buildings to the left, port-style edge of water from lower left to top right. Bay Bridge in foreground at lower third of card (one pylon showing).

Postcard III - San Francisco 3/10/94  |  Please email to dhog@cs.su.oz.au
E-330                        Yesterday was spent on the  ----------------
SAN FRANCISCO AERIAL                     train - due to  |              |
>From the skies above San Francisco,             a delay  | [Barcodes!!] |
a view of the Bay Bridge, the Financial      the Amtrak  |              |
District, North Beach with Coit Tower      ride from LA  ----------------
and Alcatraz in the distance.        to SF. took almost
Photo by McKinney Photos     13 hours.  But it was very
Printed in Korea  Scenic and quite confortable - enough
leg room for me to stretch out completely.
>From the train station (Oakland) there was a
connecting bus over the Bay bridge (picture) into
the heart of the city.  From there it was a short
taxi ride to the James Court hotel ($198 for a
week, in a nice room with a double bed and my
own bathroom).  // Today has been spent doing
touristy things - catching the cable car, visiting
the maritime museum, and wandering around
downtown - and making the best imitation of
a bookshop crawl possible when one has to
find the bookshops by brute-force searching!)
(I was a good boy; only bought the one book).
I've just used up my phone card talking to Sea
and Sue and arranging various things - have
to go buy another one, as all my quarters are
for the washing machine... (In the US, all
one needs is a large stack of quarters and
a credit card - I only touch my large notes when I want some quarters as change :)
I'm spending too much money - I'm just within my budget.   Time to go to
                                                           sleep.  Love, Danny

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