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Phoenix, Arizona - 19th October

I finally [5/1/95!] got around to cleaning out my in-basket and found an unposted postcard from Danny, so forthwith, here it is:

On the front is a picture captioned "Superstition Mountain" It's a lovely round cliff looking thing with a saguaro cactus in the foreground.

Postcard XIII - Phoenix 19/10/94
"Superstition Mountain, Arizona
East of Phoenix lies Superstition Mountain. Legend has it that the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine remains hidden somewhere within its rocky depths"

Yesterday Sue and I went for a day hike in the Superstition mountains: very nice views, and the vegetation and geology were completely new to me. The saguara cacti are just like in the moview, and the rock formations are intricately carved. Afterwards we stopped at a really nice second-hand bookshop and I bought *more* books. Today I visited the Desert Botanical Garden and the Phoenix zoo. Unexpectedly, the plants were more interesting than the animals - I got to track down the ones I'd seen yesterday, and there were intersting exhibits on the uses of desert plants and modifications to houses for the desert. Right now I'm sitting on the sofa trying to entice one of Sue's cats to sit on my lap and watching a corny musical on TV. It's nice having cats around (I lived with cats for most of my life, but not for the last few years); the dogs are kept outside when I'm in.

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