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Travel Costs: Indonesia + the United States

I spent A$2014 on air fares and insurance, about 1.35 million Rupiah (A$900) inside Indonesia, and about US$2000 in the United States. A little under A$6000 altogether.

Most of the money spent in Indonesia went on presents for people, maps and books, and one internal air flight. If you take all those out then I was spending well under A$20 a day. If you travel with a companion you could get by on A$10/person a day without pushing too hard.

In the US I stayed with friends for almost half the trip, and camped for three nights in Yosemite at $3/night, so I got off lightly on accomodation costs (about $600 altogether). Air flights, coaches and Amtrak cost me about $320. Most of the rest went on food and books.

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