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Christchurch to Kaikoura

Saturday 11th February

We had pizza at 1am and after packing didn't get to bed till 4am, even though we had to get up at 5am! We scoffed instant coffee and took a taxi to the airport rather than deal with the trains.

In Christchurch the airport bus dropped us off at the central YHA, were we met up with Camilla's colleague Rex. We unpacked a little and then did some shopping: Rex was after some special medicinal honey, while we got a road map from a map shop. We had Chinese for dinner in "Rickshaw Express", which was pretty ordinary.

Avon River installation
Camilla and I went down to the Avon and sat watching the birds and the eels and the punts going by; it was warm and pleasant. Then we went back to the YHA and crashed before 7, though Rex read till 11.30.

Sunday 12th February

Rex opted for McDonalds for breakfast while we got coffee. Picking up the hire car was easy, and we drove back to the YHA where we checked out and picked up our luggage. We loaded up on food at a big Pak n Save, then went to a cafe opposite Scorpio Books for breakfast.

With the whole day to get to Kaikoura we had plenty of time, so we started with a visit to Orana wildlife park. Highlights here include the giraffe feeding, otters, meerkat, kiwi, tuatara, and geckos. I did most of the driving so Camilla could prepare her presentation. The only major stop was at the Cathedral Cliffs near Gore Bay, where we had lunch.

giraffe in Christchurch zoo
meerkat in Christchurch zoo
Gore Cathedrals

a huhu beetle
First we stopped at the research station, to drop off Rex and to meet people. Then we headed to to Dolphin Lodge (a BBH backpackers), where we checked in and paid NZ$250 for five nights. In the evening we went out to the rocks to look at seals, little shags, black-backed gulls, etc. before going to the pub for dinner. There was a huge huhu beetle on window.

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