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Bogd Khan Palace + Natural History Museum

Peter and I caught a taxi to the Bogd Khan Palace Museum. This has gorgeous applique and thangka paintings, stuffed animals, a carriage, beds, ceremonial regalia, toys, etc. It dates from the brief period of constitutional monarchy from 1921 to 1924, when the royalty were acquiring Western status items, and there were some parallels with the artifacts at the central Javanese courts I have visited.

Heacing back into town, we checked out an "Exhibition" which turned out to be a fashion market and then had lunch in "Millies" where we met Justin, Jamie, Jaye and Evelyn from the tour group.

After a short visit to the bookshop Xanadu, we headed for the Natural History Museum. This has stuffed animals, fossils, and some interpretive displays.

Afterwards we picked up out laundry, went back to the hotel to pick up our luggage, then headed to Gabi's work, where we finalised the details for the Gobi tour and sent off some email before catching a taxi back to Gabi's.

a fruit stall
woman in a short skirt
Peter has his shoes shined

We had dinner in a Chinese restaurant which served huge portions. It was hot overnight.

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