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New Zealand travel costs (in 2002)

It cost me AUS$700 to fly Sydney-Christchurch return (including airport tax).

In the 18 days I was in New Zealand I spent about NZ$1850 in total (US$775, AUS$1500). This included NZ$310 on accommodation - 1 motel, 12 hostels, 1 campsite, 3 huts (and 1 free camp) - and $350 on transport - a taxi trip, half car hire for a week, 5 bus trips (and 8 hitches).

I spent perhaps NZ$430 on things that I brought back with me and will continue to use: presents for people ($160), a daypack ($90), books ($110), and maps ($70).

Another major item was the guided walk on Franz Joseph glacier ($80) and I probably spent $30 on Internet access. Almost all the rest (around $650) went on food.

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