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Interlaken Walk:
Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg

Saturday 9th August

Since I only had the one pack, after checking out I left all my non-walking stuff with Ursula and Chris, in a large plastic bag.

My plan was to do a walk on the other side of the valley, from Niederhorn to Gemmenalphorn. This lacks the obvious high mountains of the Jungfrau side, but Ursula said it was her favourite walk (or second after the walk I'd done yesterday) and it sounded like there was a good chance of seeing chamois and ibex. But I missed the bus to Beatenberg while buying food for lunch, and the next one wasn't for another hour, so instead of waiting for that I joined Heidi for another walk on the Jungfrau side.

From Wengen we took the cable-car up to Männlichen, where a short climb up to a view point gives spectacular 360 degree views.

the cable car
up to the view point
Eiger and Mönch

From there we walked to Kleine Scheidegg, where we had sweets and a drink. Then we went our separate ways — Heidi took the quick route down to Wengen, while I went off-track over the hill, where I saw more marmots, and then took a longer track down through the forest.

field of flowers
cows under Mönch
down into the forest

The walk from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg is a lovely walk with great views, but is perhaps a bit too easy — it's an almost wheelchair-viable path with hordes of people with children — and not as exciting as the Faulhorn Walk we'd done the day before.

making hay
I just missed a train at Wengen, so ended up getting back to Interlaken after 4pm. After repacking and relaxing for a while back at the hotel, and saying goodbye to Ursula, I got the 5.52pm train to Lucerne, which took the slow scenic route over the Brünig Pass instead of going via Bern.

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