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Augusta Raurica

We drove out to Augusta Raurica, the ruins of the Roman city a little up the Rhine from Basel.

climbing on the ruins: Mark's risk management
foundations of a Roman wall
no live gladiators in the Arena

It was gloomy and even drizzled a little, but it was pleasant walking around. The ruins are quite extensive, scattered through the middle of the modern municipality of Kaiseraugst. Highlights include an old Arena, where there were some displays about gladiators, and an excellent little museum with a good variety of exhibits — reconstructed rooms of a Roman house and a collection of artifacts. We also fitted in a pizza lunch.

For more about Augusta Raurica, see the official web site.

the Vitra Design Museum
On the way back Mark drove us into Germany to look at the buildings of the Vitra Design Museum. That made it four countries for me on the trip!

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